Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels swatches

Makeup Revolution: Eyes Like Angels – Swatches & Review

The Eyes Like Angels palette is the final one I needed to complete my collection of the Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow palettes! I didn’t think I would ever purchase this one because the colours are so bright and vibrant but now that I own it, I have no regrets! Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels palette swatchesInstagram-22Instagram-23

Left to right: Black Stars, Green Dream, Peach Cream, Orchid, Sophisticated Pink, Dream, Pink Glow & Peacock Dream
Left to right: Silver Star, Emerald Night, Lilac Shimmer, Purpled!, Cream, Pink!, Lilac Frost & Award
Makeup Revolution
Left to right: Pearl Necklace, Night Stars, Blue Sheen, Pink Frosted, Moss, Molton Chocolate, Choc! & Green Star
Left to right: Green Envy, Copper Dream, Bold Purple, White Light, Orange!, Aqua Dream, Truffle & Silver Dream

This palette is (almost) made up entirely of shimmers, with the exception of Bold Purple and Pink! and most of them are bold, bright colours which really livens up my palette collection. I like that there are some neutrals in the mix too. Copper Dream is gorgeous. They swatch really well and are mostly creamy and very pigmented. Even the lighter shades in this palette have a good formula. There is definitely some fall-out though, so be careful on the darker shades! It normally costs £8 but it’s currently £5.60 on Tam Beauty! Bargain…

I created a quick look using Aqua Dream, Orange!, Pink Frosted and Green Envy, with added bold liner.

Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels palette makeup lookInstagram-9

I hope you enjoyed looking at another fab palette from Makeup Revolution!

C x

5 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution: Eyes Like Angels – Swatches & Review

  1. I have not yet been able to try any Makeup Revolution products. This palette is so pretty. I love shimmers the colors in this palette are so vibrant. You created some amazing looks. Your eyes are perfect for the name of the palette. 🙂

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