The hunt for the palest high-street concealer!?

I have quite the blog post for you today! As you may (or may not) know, I am incredibly pale… and for years I’ve been searching for the palest affordable concealer that’s available in high-street stores, such as Boots, Superdrug, etc. Spoiler alert… I haven’t found it. I’ve tested 8 shades from 6 different brands and I still can’t say – “Yes! I’ve found the perfect concealer for me!”… The ratings given below are obviously based on my personal opinions and experiences with regards to my skin. InstagramI’m going to review each concealer individually and then do a comparison and show the oxidisation test at the end – it’s a shocker! Obviously, I’ve chosen the lightest shades available in the concealers I’ve tried.

The first concealer I tried is the Seventeen – Stay Time Concealer in Extra Fair. It has a standard doefoot applicator and claims to have 18 hour stay time with a full coverage flawless finish. It costs just £4.49 for 7ml and is available to purchase in Boots. There are only 3 shades available… so their range isn’t great for all skin tones.

  • Coverage: 4/5
  • Colour match: 4/5 (a tad too dark)
  • Oxidises (see below): 4.5/5 – Yes, but to a better colour for me…
  • Formula: 4.5/5 – creamy and doesn’t crease, lasts quite well throughout the day.

Total: 17/20

The next couple of concealers are both the Collection – Lasting Perfection Concealer, in the shades Fair and Extra Fair (NEW). Again, both of these have a doefoot applicator. This is meant to be full coverage and last 16 hours. They cost £4.19 each for 6.5ml and are exclusive to Boots. In the swatch Fair is on the left an Extra Fair on the right. Again, the shade range is appaling, with only 6 to offer and none for darker skin tones.


  • Coverage: 4/5
  • Colour match: 3/5 – too dark, up until a few weeks ago, this was the lightest shade Collection offered.
  • Oxidises (see below): 1/5 – so badly!
  • Formula: 4/5 – a little creasing if too much is applied, tends to last all day.

Total: 12/20

Extra Fair: 

  • Coverage: 4/5
  • Colour match: 3/5 – way too yellow for me, and not really any lighter than Fair, it just has different undertones.
  • Oxidises (see below): 3/5 –  not as badly as Fair but there’s still some colour change.
  • Formula: 4/5 – same as previous.

Total: 14/20

Next up we have the Barry M –  Flawless Light Reflecting Concealer. I have the shade Ivory and it’s meant to “covers imperfections without caking”. This has a different applicator to what I’m used to, with a little brush, but this makes no difference to the application for me. This one costs £4.49 for what I think is 2.5ml – I’m having trouble finding the amount! Again, a pretty terrible shade range of 5 colours, ranging from moderately pale to a little bit tanned! You can pick this up in Boots, Superdrug and on the Barry M website.

  • Coverage: 2/5 – a little on the light side for me, it doesn’t cover my dark circles anywhere near enough – it claims to be full coverage
  • Colour match: 3.5/5 – a bit too dark and it has yellow undertones – I’m a cool gal…
  • Oxidises (see below): 4/5 –  ever so slightly
  • Formula: 3/5 – no issues with creasing, doesn’t last very long though

Total: 12.5/20

The Essence – Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer actually shocked me! I picked up the shade Ivory for just £2.50, for 5ml. The applicator is just a little larger than the Collection one. It’s available to buy from Wilko in the UK. I don’t know if they’re discontinuing it, as there’s only 1 shade available online… There was definitely only 3 shades when I purchased it in store – another makeup line with shit shade range.

  • Coverage: 4.5/5 – no complaints here!
  • Colour match: 3.5/5 – a bit too dark, with warmer undertones
  • Oxidises (see below): 3/5 – definitely does!
  • Formula: 3.5/5 – a little bit of creasing… it does last quite well though.

Total: 14/20

This one is the most ‘expensive’ of the lot but has one of the better shade ranges. With 10 (or 11 if you look on Superdrug) in total… it’s still not great for a leading brand. The Maybelline – Fit Me! Concealer comes in at £5.99 for 6.8ml and has a buildable medium to full coverage. It has a cute little doefoot applicator. I picked up on of the newest shades, Ivory, which you can buy this in both Superdrug and Boots, as well as Wilko.

  • Coverage: 4.5/5 – really good coverage!
  • Colour match: 3/5 – a fairly good match for tone, but still too dark!
  • Oxidises (see below): 3.5/5 – yes, a little.
  • Formula: 3/5 – creases when built up…

Total: 14/20

I also found that when I unscrew the cap, it shoots out! And when pushed back in, it makes the top of the tube very messy…Instagram-12

The final two concealers are very new, from Makeup Revolution. The Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealers have a current shade range of 18 (finally!), with more to come at the beginning of March. I hope they release something lighter… I picked up two of the lightest shades, C1 (left) and C3 (right), for £4 each. Unfortunately, there’s only 3.4ml in the tubes, and I think this is due to the unnecessarily large doefoot applicators taking up all the room! You can purchase these from Superdrug and

Here’s a comparison to the Collection applicator.Instagram-15


  • Coverage: 4.5/5 – very good coverage from these
  • Colour match: 2/5 – too yellow and too dark!
  • Oxidises (see below): 4/5 – doesn’t do too badly here…
  • Formula: 3/5 –  Fairly good but does tend to crease

Total: 13.5/20


  • Coverage: 4.5/5
  • Colour match: 3/5 – has the right undertones but still too dark.
  • Oxidises (see below): 3/5 – oxidises a bit more than C1.
  • Formula: 3/5 – same as previous.

Total: 13.5/20

Now that we’ve looked at the concealers individually, let’s compare them and look at how they oxidise over time.

As you can see, after one hour some of them have oxidised pretty badly! I think the Collection Lasting Perfection, in Fair, is the worst! The colour change in the Seventeen concealer does me a favour actually, by turning pinker. The others just have moderate oxidisation but it’s still not great for me considering they were all too dark, to begin with. I want a concealer that is lighter than my natural skin to brighten under my eyes! To sum up… I haven’t found ‘the one’.

I’ve swatched other concealers from different brands in store but they weren’t even worth buying because they just did not match me. Does anyone have any PALE concealers to recommend!? Help a girl out!

C x

13 thoughts on “The hunt for the palest high-street concealer!?

  1. It is so hard to find a concealer to highlight for pale skintones! By any chance, do you have the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous line where you live? The fairest shade in that concealer is one of the palest I’ve found yet!

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  2. I’m such a concealer addict and have a bunch in my collection. The funny thing is I’ve only tried one of these you mentoned. I wanted to try the Essence one, but honestly the shades are crap and didn’t match me :/ I’m very curious to the makeup revolution one 🙂

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