Barry M: Candy Culture Scented Nail Paints

I’m finally getting around to sharing the new Barry M scented nail paints with you! I’ve had these sat on my swatch pile since about a week after they were released. Each of the colours has a different scent, which comes through when dry, and they all have a soft/semi-matte finish to them, which I really like. Of course, you can add topcoat to make them glossy, I’m not sure if this will dull the scent though! All 4 shades are going to perfect going into Spring.Barry M Candy Culture scented nail paints swatches & review

Strawberry LacesBarry M Candy Culture scented Strawberry Laces swatches & reviewInstagram-15I took this picture before the polish was fully dry so it looks like it has a glossy finish, but it does dry down to semi-matte like the others. I can confirm that this light pink polish does indeed smell like the sugary sweet scent of strawberry laces! This is 2 coats.

Rasberry SherbetBarry M Candy Culture scented Raspberry Sherbet swatches & reviewInstagram-17I’m loving this pink/purple colour! The smell of this one is quite similar to Strawberry Laces. Again, this is 2 coats.

Coconut CreamBarry M Candy Culture scented Coconut Cream swatches & reviewInstagram-21A lovely soft grey that smells like coconuts! Some people were saying how these polishes all smell the same but I can definitely get coconut from this one. 2 coats.

Blueberry BonbonBarry M Candy Culture scented Bluberry Bonbon swatches & reviewInstagram-19Does anyone remember smelly gel pens!? Because this gorgeous soft blue smells exactly like the blueberry scented one! It definitely took me back a few (many) years… 2 coats shown.

I’m glad that Barry M have started to bring out some more ranges (although I would love to see some more Gellies!) and it would be great to get some other scents in these lovely pastel colours… I’m thinking lemon meringue!?

My next post will be on the other 4 polishes Barry M have just released, the Under the Sea collection! But for now, you can purchase these from Boots, Superdrug and the Barry M website for £3.99 each.

C x

10 thoughts on “Barry M: Candy Culture Scented Nail Paints

  1. Those are so cute! The scents actually sound yummy, the only scented polish I tried (from Revlon) was horrid and made me hate the concept. But I would love Coconut Cream and Blueberry Bonbon!

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