Polished by leanne - boys are from mars , Neptune , the unknown swatches

Polished by Leanne: A Trio of Flakies

I’m back with some more gorgeous polishes from Polished by Leanne. These 3 honeslty might be my favourites so far. They’re not part of a collection and I picked them up in the last sale on the Facebook Group for just 50p each! I honestly suggest joining us over there to get your hands on new releases and bargains like I did. This post is quite photo-heavy – I really want to show off how beautiful these polishes are!Instagram-44

Boys Are From MarsPolished by Leanne - Boys Are From MarsInstagram-46Instagram-47Instagram-48Instagram-49Instagram-50This is a gorgeous vibrant red filled with a bunch of pretty flakies and micro glitters! I absolutely love how flaky polishes look matte.

NeptunePolished by Leanne - NeptuneInstagram-52Instagram-53Instagram-54Instagram-55Instagram-56A gorgeous cobalt blue, again filled with a multitude of flakies. There are no glitters in this one but I also love it matte!

The UnknownPolished by Leanne - The UnknownInstagram-58Instagram-59Instagram-60Instagram-61Instagram-62The flakies in this black base were quite hard to capture on camera but they’re so vibrant in real life! This might be one of my favourite polishes ever. I love wearing black but bright blues are one of my favourite nail polish colours, so this is the best of both!

I honestly can’t fault any of these polishes. I highly recommend purchases some of Leanne’s polishes when you get the chance!

C x

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