Spring has sprung! – Kiki London: Gel Polish Review*


Maybe… It feels a bit more like spring than it has in previous weeks, at least! Although they are predicting some snow over Easter weekend… Anyway, I thought I’d show you some bright and fun gel polishes from Kiki London, compared to last months colours which had a more wintery feel. Just to re-cap Kiki London are a UK based gel polish brand, with 42 shades available (and more to come!). I checked with them about animal testing and they’re apparently cruelty-free. Although it currently doesn’t say so on the website, they did say they’re going to work on putting it on there… I’ll investigate this further for you!



Kiki London Coconut swatches

Formerly known as Cream Puff: My application was a bit off on this one. It’s not the polishes fault! I’m fairly new to gels… This slightly off-white/cream colour is lovely. It’s opaque in 2 coats and will make a great base for nail art.

Lilac Lover

Kiki London Lilac Lover Swatch

Formerly known as Lilac Longing: This pretty purple creme is going to be great for spring and summer! This is just 2 coats again.

Sea Blue

Kiki London Azure Wish Swatches

Formerly known as Azure Wish: A soft blue, with a beautiful delicate shimmer. It reminds me of sunlight bouncing off the sea on a clear, sunny day! 2 coats shown.


Kiki London Limeade swatch
Kiki London Limeade swatch

No longer availabel: The name of this one describes it perfectly! A sparkling lime green! 2 coats again.

Although some of these colours aren’t what I usually picked, I thought they’d be a great addition to my nail polish collection. Especially because spring and summer will (hopefully) be with us soon! If you’re not a fan of these, maybe check out my previous post or the website for more colours. One of the shades I previously swatched, Galaxy, is actually included in a 5-piece glitter bundle for just £18.95 – which works out at £3.79 per polish!

All of these polishes are 7.3ml and are currently on sale for £3.99 each, down from £7.99. You can also stack my discount code on top of sale items to get an extra 15% off. Make sure you use TIPPEDOFFNAILS at checkout.

C x

*please see ‘disclaimer‘ for information on review items and affiliate links

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