Nimy Nail Polish: a review of two blues

Just a short post tonight! I have two colours from the new(ish) indie brand Nimy Nail Polish. There have been so many new indies popping up recently it’s hard to keep up! I decided to try a creme and a crelly, both in blue and both perfect for the (hopefully) upcoming warmer months.Instagram-5.pngBlowing Bubbles
Nimy Nail Polish - Blowing Bubbles Swatches & reviewNimy Nail Polish - Blowing Bubbles Swatches & ReviewThis is a beautiful sky blue creme! It’s part of a 4 piece spring collection. The formula is a little thin on this one but it’s still wearable at 2 coats (shown). I just had a bit of coverage issues where I have ridges.

Jane’s CornflowerNimy Nail Polish - Jane's CornflowerNimy Nail Polish - Jane's Cornflower Swatches & Reviewfullsizeoutput_1dbdThis gorgeous cornflower blue with hex glitters took 3 coats to for full coverage. It also took a bit of playing to get the glitters where I wanted them but that’s to be expected when I’m so picky!

This polish, plus Jane’s Sunshine, is a charity polish, where £1 goes towards Macmillan Cancer Support. I obviously couldn’t resist picking one up considering my history.

All polishes are 10ml and prices normally start at £5 but there is currently 30% all prices!

C x



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