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The hunt for the palest concealer continues…

As I’m sure you are aware by now, I am incredibly pale… and for years I’ve been searching for the palest affordable concealer that’s available in high-street (or affordable) stores, such as Boots, Superdrug, etc. So, continuing on from my previous post, where I failed to find a concealer pale enough for me, I have some more new releases that might actually be pale enough for me! The ratings given below are obviously based on my personal opinions and experiences with regards to my skin. 

Pale concealerOnce again, I’m going to review each concealer individually and then do a comparison and show the oxidisation test at the end. I’ve chosen the lightest shades available in the concealers I’ve tried.

First up we have the Full Cover Camouflage Concealer from the new Revolution Pro line of Revolution Beauty in the shade C1. It’s meant to create lasting maximum coverage for all skin tones, meaning it’s probably not ideal for under my eyes. I don’t think it’ll work well on the rest of my face either though, because of the colour. In retrospect, I should have picked up C3 which is pink toned instead of neutral but it looked even darker than C1! There are 18 shades in this range and it cost me £5 for 8.5ml from Revolution Beauty, and it’s also available from Superdrug.

  • Coverage: 4.5/5 – the best coverage
  • Colour match: 2/5 (far too dark and yellow)
  • Oxidises (see below): 5/5 – No signs of oxidisation for this one!
  • Formula: 2/5 – too thick for my liking and took a while to dry down, leaving it cakey. I’m not a fan of the squeezy tube format either…

Total: 13.5/20

The next concealer is the Colourpop No Filter Concealer in Fair 02. I know it’s not technically highstreet because Colourpop are based in the US but it’s cheap enough and I was dying to try the new concealer range. What I love about the Colourpop site is you can select your skin tone and undertone and it’ll suggest the best concealer for you! This is great, seeing as I couldn’t swatch this in person before buying. There are also 30 shades to choose from! This one comes with a flat applicator, which I actually like quite a lot – it’s just a variation of a doe-foot applicator so it’s easy to use. It costs just £4.30 ($6) for 4ml, but obviously, the shipping is quite high at $9.99. I luckily didn’t receive any customs charges. I ordered from the site when there was a 2 for $10 offer on, making the concealers around £7 each which is a price I’m willing to pay!

  • Coverage: 4.5/5
  • Colour match: 5/5 – super pale and pink! It photos more yellow than it is – it’s definitely cool/pink toned.
  • Oxidises (see below): 5/5 – not at all!
  • Formula: 4/5 – a little creasing if too much is applied, but a little goes a long way! It also stays put all day.

Total: 18.5/20

Next up we have the Barry M –  Up All Night Concealer. I have the shade Milk and it’s meant to be “perfect for covering up imperfections and illuminating the complexion”. It has a standard doe-foot applicator and costs £4.49 . There are only 6 shades of beige available, which is pretty poor. You can pick this up in Superdrug and on the Barry M website.

  • Coverage: 3.5/5 – advertised as full coverage, but isn’t!
  • Colour match: 3.5/5 – a bit too dark and it has yellow undertones – I’m a cool gal…
  • Oxidises (see below): 3.5/5 –  oxidises a little after a few minutes
  • Formula: 4/5 – creases a little bit but nice and creamy and blends well.

Total: 14.5/20

The final two concealers are from Makeup Revolution. The Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealers have finally upped their shade range to 24, throwing in a very pink-toned light shade C0.5 and a white C0. They cost £4 each for 3.4ml in the tubes, I think this is due to the unnecessarily large doe-foot applicators taking up all the room! I’m only going to rate C0.5 because I won’t be using the white alone but as a mixer. I will say that the formula is a little thinner and not as full coverage as the other colours. You can that I have created the perfect shade by mixing both of these together in equal parts. You can purchase these from Superdrug and Revolution Beauty.

  • Coverage: 4.5/5 – very good coverage, not quite full though
  • Colour match: 4.5/5 – I have to say, this works so well for cancelling out my blurple under eyes but could do with a being a little paler – that’s where C0 comes in!
  • Oxidises (see below): 5/5 – no oxidisation whatsoever!
  • Formula: 3/5 –  Fairly good but does tend to crease

Total: 17/20

Now that we’ve looked at the concealers individually, let’s compare them and look at how they oxidise over time.

As you can see, none of these oxidises too badly! The Barry M probably oxidised the most but it’s nowhere near as bad the last lot I tried, I’m very impressed.

I have to say, my favourite is probably the Colourpop No Filter Concealer, it’s incredibly pale and doesn’t require me to mess around with mixing shades. I really will emphasise the fact that a little goes a long way! I’m also impressed with the new Revolution Conceal & Define shades. C0.5 works well on its own but I sometimes feel it needs a little bit of  C0  to really brighten under my eyes. I think C0 will also come in handy for cut-creases!

I can finally say, after many many years searching, I have found myself a concealer that is both pale enough and cheap enough! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Where’s the champagne!?

C x




10 thoughts on “The hunt for the palest concealer continues…

  1. I’m always surprised when people say their No Filter concealer doesn’t oxidise. Mine does it almost instantly so I think it’s just not too noticeable- luckily it’s still a good shade match! Wish Colourpop was easier/cheaper to ship to the UK though 😓

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