Primark PS Nail Polish swatches

Primark PS… Nail Polish Haul

I have just a few of the regular Primark nail polishes to share with you today. I picked them up a month or so ago, but I popped into my local Primark today and they still had them. These polishes cost just 90p each for 10.5ml and all of them have a great formula, needing just 2 coats. I’ve swatched a tonne of Primark polishes before and you can find them all here.Primark PS Nail Polish HaulNaturalPrimark PS Nail Polish Natural swatchInstagram-17This a lovely beige polish, that’ll make a great base for nail art or can be worn on it’s own for a neutral mani.

OceanPrimark PS Nail Polish Ocean swatchInstagram-19A gorgeous dusky mid-blue with a very pretty pink shimmer!

CloudPrimark PS Nail Polish Cloud swatchInstagram-21Although this looks black, it’s actually a blue/green toned dark grey. It does remind me of dark storm clouds!

I’ll be back in a few days with some more of the Satin Matte polishes to share with you!

C x


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