Sparklea Nail Polish: The Spring Trio

I’m slowly making it through my swatch pile and I’m now onto my spring collections! I have 2 Sparklea Nail Polish collections and first up is The Spring Trio. I initially picked these up because one of them shares the same name as my boyfriend – his surname anyway! These all cost £6.50 each for 10ml. I found the formula to be okay, but I always find polishes with larger glitters a little more difficult to apply!Instagram-10AttwellSparklea Nail Polish The Spring Trio swatches AttwellInstagram-2Instagram-3This one is my boyfriend’s namesake, and means ‘lives by the springs’. It’s a pretty pastel blue crelly with a mixture of blue, purple and turquoise glitters. This is 3 coats.

CaldwellSparklea Nail Polish The Spring Trio swatches CaldwellInstagram-5Instagram-6Caldwell means ‘from the cold spring’ and is lovely soft pastel glitter crelly. I love the colour of the glitters in this one but I did struggle a bit with the formula. 3 coats again.

LaverniaSparklea Nail Polish The Spring Trio swatches LaverniaInstagram-8Instagram-9This is probably my favourite out of the three, which is unusual, I normally prefer blue but its a pastel pink/lilac with pink, purple and blue glitters in. This is 3 coats.

Such a good little trio of polishes and not something I normally purchase. They’re perfect for spring!

C x

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