Nicole Diary: Summer Haul*

I’m back! Yes, I took yet another break from blogging but I’m back on this sunny Saturday with a couple of summery stamping bits from Nicole DiaryNicole Diary summer stamping haul

Holo Stamping Plate Case (#316) Nicole Diary Holo Stamping Plate Casefullsizeoutput_23adfullsizeoutput_23b5fullsizeoutput_23acI eventually ran out of space in my last stamping plate storage and decided to purchase this myself a little while ago. Obviously, it has a gorgeous holo finish to it, but it’s also really sturdy and has a good zip on it!  It has space for 24 large plates and 48 small ones which means I have space for more… It also has pockets in both the inside covers of the case, which is handy for popping in decals or stencils, etc. It’s a little on the higher price end at £18.26 (£16.43 with my discount code – see end of post), but I honestly think it’s worth it.

Animal Word Stamping Plate – ND-002 (#298)Nicole Diary Animal World stamping plate ND-002This stamping plate is so cute! I mean look at all the animals. I particularly love the flamingos, elephants and polar bears. I’ve done a couple of designs with this (coming up) and it the image is well etched and stamps great. It costs just £2.80 (£2.52 with discount).

Citrus Paradise Stamping Polish – NDS01 (#235)Nicole Diary Citrus Paradise Stamping polish - NDS01Nicole Diary Citrus Paradise Stamping polish - NDS01Nicole Diary Citrus Paradise Stamping polish - NDS01
This polish is a pretty coral shade and can be used as standard polish or to stamp. It’s very pigmented and stamps really well! I’ve used it here with the stamping plate to create these cute flamingo nails. This is also £2.80 (£2.52) and is 9ml.

Cerulean Polis Stamping Polish – NDS03 (#237)Nicole Diary Cerulean Polis Stamping polish - NDS03fullsizeoutput_23a8fullsizeoutput_23afI love this blue colour! It’s absolutely perfect for summer and worked so well for these elephant nails from the Animal World plate. It has the same formula as the previous polish and is also the same price.

I loved all the items in this mini haul and the products are all so affordable and good quality! Don’t forget to use my discount code TPON10 for 10% off.

C x


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