Born Pretty Store: Summer Haul*

Hello followers. It’s been a while. I’m sorry for my hiatus but I’ve had a lot of things happening in my personal life. Anyway, I have quite a few products for you today from Born Pretty Store. It’s a mixture of gels and nail art and I had fun creating some looks with them this time around. 

Reinforcement Gel – £3.33 (#41191)Born Pretty Store Reinforcement GelInstagramThis reinforcement gel is a thick, clear gel that is used to (as the name suggest) reinforce the nails, adding thickness and strength to prevent breakages. I found this really easy to work with – you’ll need a gel top and base coat to use this but once you have it’s simple! I just applied one thin coat, followed by a thicker, more structured coat. It soaks off well too.

Magnetic Cat Eye Gel: BP – 03 Pillars of Eternity – £4.35 (#41598)Born Pretty Store Pillars of Eternity magnetic cat eye gel1819This is my first time using a magnetic gel but I found it quite fun to do. I applied one coat over a black gel base and just held the magnet over my nail before curing. I will say that this doesn’t come with the magnet – I ordered mine on eBay.

Chameleon/Duochrome Powder12131416Annoyingly, I can’t find this product anymore. It’s been so long since I’ve swatched these… But this is a very pretty powder and this is how it looks applied over black gel polish.

Thermal Gel Polish: BP-10 Graceful Soul  – £3.77 (#41673)23242625This thermal gel changes from a dark reddish brown to a neutral nude in a warm to cold transition. It applies well and has a good formula, taking only 2 thin coats.

Gold Nail Art Decorations – £2.26 (#41750)202122These gold nail art decorations are perfect for creating a simple accent nail and they follow the curve of the nail nicely.

White 3D Geometric Nail Art Stickers: #1 – 75p (#41734)272829These are so much easier to use than decals and they lay relatively flat on the nail too. They stand out on both dark and light polish colours and are a great way to have a more intricate design on your nails. I love the geometric shapes included in them.

Tropical Water Decals – 75p (#41480)3021For this item you get sent 2 random water decal patterns. I’m happy with the ones I recieved and I used one of them to create this fun summer look by pairing them with Barry M Damson.

Summer Stamping Plate – £1.81 (#40067)347This stamping plate is so cute and fun! As usual the images pick up and stamp well. I’ve used it to create another great summer mani, which got many compliments. I wish I could remember all the polishes I used to create this but it was many months ago now… The design matched my phone case AND a notebook I own, which is fun!

And that’s all I have for you today! I’m hoping to post a couple more catch ups over the next week or so.

C x

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