Born Pretty Store Special Effects Polish Review*

Recently Born Pretty Store had a revamp. They updated their website and a lot of their products, including the bottle shapes for their polishes and gels. Personally, I don’t know how I feel about the new bottles… they feel a little old-fashioned to me! But that won’t stop me trying out three of their new polishes and sharing the results with you… 1

Mermaid Pearl Glimmer Top Coat – 6ml £2.26 (#42843)2345I decided to swatch this chameleon topcoat over both black and white so you could really see the different colour shifts in it. I love both and it’ll look great over any colour. I used one thick coat to get this coverage but you could definitely do a thinner coat for less and build it up for more.

Champs Elysees UV/Thermal Peel Off Polish: BP-CE01 Swan Lake – 6ml £3.01 (#42543)67891011This is a really fun polish even though the formula isn’t amazing (this is 4 coats!). It acts like a normal thermal polish, being light blue when warm and dark blue when cold, PLUS under UV light it turns purple! The only change I couldn’t capture was the fuschia (warm under UV). Although it took quite a few coats to get it even and opaque it does dry quickly and peels off easily too, so I think I would recommend using this over a base colour.

Crystal Sand Top Coat – 6ml £3.01 (#43358)12131415This top coat is meant to give a glittery textured finish to any polish – which in theory is great. However, I just don’t know how I feel about it! Generally, I like a good texture nail polish, I just think it’s the glitter part of it that’s throwing me off. Also, this took 2 coats to build up a texture, to begin with, which I feel like it should be able to do it one.

A mixed review this month! Maybe next month I’ll pick some better items…

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C x

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2 thoughts on “Born Pretty Store Special Effects Polish Review*

  1. Something about those bottles is giving me 1920s vibes… I actually really like them! Though I admit, at first when I saw the little peacock feather on the bottle I thought it was a menorah 😛

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