For Your Nails Only: Neon Collection Swatches​ & Review

Better late than never, right? Yep, I’ve had these polishes sat in my swatch pile for MONTHS, literally. And now summer is almost over and the collection is no available to buy from For Your Nails Only, sadly. I still wanted to share them with you anyway because they’re so bright and fun! For Your Nails Only - Neon Collection swatchesThunderbolt For Your Nails Only - Thunderbolt swatch234One of my favourites! This gorgeous cobalt neon blue! I don’t know whether it was because they were sat around not getting used for so long but all of the formulas were a bit on the thin side… I did shake them up but I think maybe some of the pigment had settled as I’ve seen plenty of people get this opaque in 2 coats, I used 3 thin coats!

ToxicFor Your Nails Only - Toxic swatch678A classic neon green and a must have for all you neon fans. This too 4 thin coats.

Lemon ZestFor Your Nails Only - Lemon Zest swatch101112Another classic neon, this yellow is so fun! Although, I’ve done 4 coats here and you can still see my smile lines so maybe I just need to give them a really good shake next time! I’ve seen this opaque in 3!

AblazeFor Your Nails Only - Ablaze swatch1415For Your For Your Nails Only - Ablaze swatchNails Only - Ablaze swatchA fabulous neon orange!  I’m not usually an orange polish fan but… I love this one. Maybe I’m into neons more than I thought. This is 4 thin coats.

Danger ZoneFor Your Nails Only - Danger Zone swatch181920Is neon red a thing? Because I think this is it… I just googled it, apparently, it is. Who knew!? (probably lots of people…) I love this one matte! 3 thin coats.

Hubba BubbaFor Your Nails Only - Hubba Bubba swatch222324A vibrant bubblegum-pink neon! I actually love this one on and I’m not even a fan of pink. 3 coats shown.

BazingaFor Your Nails Only - Bazinga swatch262728The classic neon pink! The name brings images of that scene from The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon is popping up in the ball-pool and Leonard can’t catch him! Love it. This is 2 coats.

PhloxFor Your Nails Only - Phlox swatch3012Last but by no means least we have this stunning neon purple. This is definitely one of my favourites, alongside Thunderbolt. This is also just 2 coats.

I hope you liked seeing this collection still, even though summer has left us before August has even ended! I know the formulas seem a little thin on most of these but I honestly think I just didn’t shake them up enough. Also, you could just paint them over a white base – you’ll still get that neon pop and you’ll use less of the polish getting them opaque!

I would still recommend heading over to as she has a restock coming up on the 5th of September.

C x

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