Kiki London Gel Swatches

HUGE Kiki London Gel Haul Swatches*

Hello again, I really am on a roll with these blog posts now. This time I have 15, yes… 15 Kiki London Gel polishes to share with you! I’ve accumulated these over the last couple of months, being a brand ambassador, but just didn’t get around to swatching them during my hiatus. But now I’m back and I’m going to share them ALL with you today! I have some spring shades, the summer collection, a couple of glitters AND a few autumnal colours… I even have some more coming in the post, so keep an eye out for those! I’ll keep descriptions short and sweet this time around as there are so many to get through and I don’t want to make it any lengthier than I need to! Prices are currently starting as little as £3.99 to £4.99 per 7.3ml polish (RRP £7.99) and you can use my discount code TIPPEDOFFNAILS to get 15% off ALL items including those on offer!5TitaniumKiki London Gel Titanium Swatch2Kiki London Gel TitaniumThis is a gorgeous holo silver from their 5 piece glitter collection. You can purchase it as part of a set or individually. This is 3 thin coats.

Shine StarKiki London Gel Shine Star Swatch5Kiki London Gel Shine Star SwatchAnother of their gorgeous glitters is this gold! Again, this can be purchased individually or as part of the glitter set.

Now for some Spring shades. Yes, I know I missed Spring but the 7 piece Collection is still available for £32.99! You can also buy these individually.

Rose BudKiki London Gel Rose Bud Swatch10A gorgeous rosey-pink! As the name suggests. This is 3 thin coats (I prefer to do thinner coats with gels – you could get away with 2 if you wanted).

Salmon RunKiki London Gel Salmon Run Swatches8Again this is aptly named. I love this peachy-salmon colour and is gorgeous for spring and summer. 3 thin coats.

Mint ConvertibleKiki London Gel Mint Convertible Swatch12I am in LOVE with this pretty pastel mint green! I’ve worn this a couple of times already. This is 3 thin coats.

Cake PopKiki London Gel Cake Pop swatch14A lovely bubblegum pink and a perfect addition to the spring collection. 3 thin coats.

And now we move onto the Summer Holiday Collection! You can buy the next 5 colours as part of a set for £19.99 or individually.

Electric IslandKiki London Gel Electric Island Swatches16This is a personal favourite of mine. If you’ve read any of blog posts before, you’ll know I love a good blue and this one is GREAT. It’s just a shame it’s a little on the sheer side, this is 3 coats and you can still see my smile lines.

Lemon TartKiki London Gel Lemon Tart Limited Edition Swatch18This stunning sunshine-lemon yellow has a pretty little shimmer to it and it’s limited edition so I would grab it while you can! 3 thin coats.

Orange SodaKiki London Gel Orange Soda SwatchKiki London Gel Orange Soda SwatchI bright and fun orange, perfect for summer! Although, I’ll be dragging this into autumn – this is calling a Halloween mani. 3 thin coats.

Sunset GlowKiki London Gel Sunset Glow Swatch20A brilliant blood-orange/red! This is honestly so stunning in real life. 3 thin coats, again.

Cotton CandyKiki London Gel Cotton Candy Swatch24At first, I thought this was similar to Cake Pop but it has a more blue undertone and is definitely still giving me bubblegum vibes! 3 thin coats.

And now we have some individual polishes that I chose for the up-and-coming autumn months!

DecadenceKiki London Gel Decadence Swatch28Although this looks like a true-blood red, it actually has more pink undertones in real life. This took just 2 coats.

Black PoolKiki London Gel Black Pool Swatch26A standard classic black! Unlike black gels I’ve tried before this could definitely be a one-coater if you’re careful! I’ve done 2 thinner coats here to be sure.

MasqueradeKiki London Gel Masquerade swatch34A gorgeous shimmery burgundy red. Can’t wait to wear this one next! 2 coats.

Midnight SwimKiki London Gel Midnight Swim Swatch301As you might be able to guess, I think this is STUNNING! Look at those little sparkly flakies swimming in that deep navy! 2 coats.

And there we have it! 3 seasons in one blog post. I hope you liked seeing all of these polishes. I honestly love all of the colours and the formulas are easy to work with too. I recommend you check out my previous swatches for Kiki London and that you hop on over to their website to make a purchase! Don’t forget to use my discount code TIPPEDOFFNAILS doe 15% off everything.

C x

This post contains affiliate links & some items were sent to me to review.

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