Friction Free Shaving Review

Meet Your Shaviour: Friction Free Shaving*

Friction Free Shaving is a monthly subscription service that delivers razors and refills to your door, for just £9 a month! In the first box, you get a razor, 4 refills, and a cover to protect your blades when not in use. You also get a shower holder in your second box to keep it safe. Every delivery after that contains 4 razor refill cartridges, with the idea that you use a new one every week. At £9 over 4 weeks, this works out at just £2.25 a week per blade and what’s even greater is that you can pause for a month if needed or even get it delivered bi-monthly if you’re just not getting through the refill packs.

Another bonus is that you can add on the Pre Shave Scrub, Shave Cream and/or Post Shave Balm for £6 a month each. You can have these sent every month or as and when you need to. You have the freedom of switching up your items too, so instead of receiving the blades, you can swap to any of the above products! You can also cancel at any time if it’s no longer working for you. I personally love this flexibility!

I have all the products to show you in this box so let’s take a closer look. You can get all of the items in this post in the Gift Box for £33. 12

Currently, FFS are offering 2 types of subscription, Rose and Silvia. I opted for the Rose handle which is, believe it or not, rose gold, and Silvia is a silver chrome! Rose has a good weight to it making it easy to use, and I’m assuming Silvia would be the same. Although it has a shiny finish, you don’t need to worry about it slipping out of your hand because it has a rubbery grip feature on the back of the handle. 4If you’re anything like me where cheap, disposable razor blades send your legs into a horrible frenzy of dryness, itchiness and ingrown hairs then you’ll probably want to invest in Rose. She has 6 diamond-coated blades with an added vitamin-e strip and an additional single “bikini styling” blade on the back of the cartridge, which is a great touch. I’ve been using Rose for well over a year now (see my first post here!) and she glides beautifully over my skin and I have very little problems with it. The multiple blades are sharp meaning I get a closer, smoother shave than the cheap razor I used to use, which only had 4 blades. The cartridge is easy to change too, just press the button to release the old one and clip on the new one.578

On to the lotions and potions!

  • Pre Shave Scrub: a manuka honey, almond milk and walnut scrub that is a gentle and all natural exfoliate made using the husk of walnuts and contains NO microbeads. It helps to release ingrown hairs, reduce shaving spots, unblock pores and lift dead skin cells for smoother, clearer skin.

This is a gentle scrub and can be used on all areas pre-shave.

  • Shave Cream: packed with moisturising manuka honey, shea butter and coconut oil, our shave cream gives your skin the treatment it deserves. Its unique ‘cationic’ formula reduces friction so you get a closer shave and smoother skin. The transparent application provides maximum visibility and offers a new sense of control and closeness. 

I love the smell of this one and I have to say that I do get a smoother shave when using it.

  • Post Shave Balm: cools, refreshes and moisturises – helping to restore your skin’s natural moisture balance and reducing irritation. Blended with Manuka honey for its anti-inflammatory, repairing and moisturising qualities and cocoa butter which is high in antioxidants, it provides deep hydration to soothe and condition your skin. 

A lovely moisturiser that works well with the other products to keep your skin smooth and healthy.

9My only qualm with these is that it is only the Shave Cream that is cruelty-free certified, but I contacted FFS and they have said that they are working on reformulating and getting the other two products cruelty-free too. I’ve only used the Shave Cream, which has the leaping bunny on the back, so I wrongly assumed the Scrub and Balm would be CF too! If, like me, you like to only use CF products then maybe it’s best to hold out until they’re certified too. The blade IS CF though. fullsizeoutput_34fd

Did you notice that you can get the handle engraved?? It normally costs £6 but you can get it done for free using ENGRAVE6 at checkout. Or if you don’t want your name engraved and fancied trying out the Pre Shave Scrub use SCRUB6 (both codes valid until 31/10/18)!


Now on to the giveaway. All you have to do to win the brand new items below is leave a comment on this blog post – simple! Think of this as a ‘try before you buy’ solution, as it is NOT a subscription. You just have to be living in the UK and be 18. Ends on 31st October.10

Good luck and don’t forget to sign up to FFS to get your monthly blades here! Use the code ENGRAVE6 or SCRUB6 for that free engraving or scrub.

C x

*These products were sent to me for review purposes.
All opinions are my own and I have already been using FFS for well over a year.
This is an honest review!

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