A Kiki Halloween: Kiki London Nail Art

I thought it was about time I did some Halloween nail art for you, considering it’s next week. I’ve designed all of these using Kiki London Gel colours as inspiration! There are 5 designs and I want to go into detail so I’m just going to jump straight in…BeetlejuiceHalloween Beetlejuice Nail Art234

For this, I painted on Coconut onto my pinky and index fingers and Black Heart onto my ring and middle fingers for a base. I then used striping tape and added the black stripes onto the white base using Black Heart. At this stage, I added a matte top coat to all the nails before adding the green, slimy drips using Go Khaki with some Limeade on top! I topped the drips using a glossy topcoat.

Products used:

Fun PumpkinsHalloween Fun Pumpkin Nail Art678

I started with a base of Orange Soda for this one. I then painted on some stripes of Sunset Glow before curing. This was followed by simply stamping on the different pumpkin faces!

Products used:

Vampire BiteHalloween Vampire Bite Nail Art101112

I started watching Vampire Diaries recently because I ran out of Netflix… I’m a True Blood girl so I’m not sure I’m a fan but it inspired me to create this design. I used the same technique as with my Beetlejuice drips and started with a base of Nude Tan, which I mattified. I then added the drips using a deep red, a glittery red and I deepened areas with a black! I finished the drips with a glossy top coat.

Products used:

Party GhostsHalloween Party Ghosts Nail Art141516

I only call these party ghosts because of the holo glitter I used! I started off with Coconut on my middle and ring fingers and Black Heart on my index and pinky. I then added the holo glitter and stamped the designs on. A simple design but there’s a twist – it glows! I added a glow in the dark top over the white polish before I stamped and it’s quite effective!


Products used:

Vampy SpidersHalloween Vampy Spiders Nail Art192021

I kept it quite simple with this one and started with a gradient base using a deep red and black and then just stamped over using the different spider and web designs and a holo stamping polish!

Products used:

What do you think of them all!? I had so much fun creating these and I hope you can either recreate them or use them for inspiration!

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Happy Halloween! (a week in advance…)

C x

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