Primark: Dusk Polishes – swatches & review

Just a quick post today to share the Primark Ps… Dusk Nail Polish duo with you! I’m not even sure if these are still available to buy, I think they were recalled because the pointed lids were deemed ‘dangerous’. Health & Safety gone mad, I say!Primark PS... Dusk Nail Polish swatches & reviewBlackoutPrimark PS... Dusk Nail Polish Blackout swatches & review1516This is a black base with plenty of blue flakies! It’s a little on the sheer side, taking 3 coats, and (as it’s made in China) it stinks.

CosmicPrimark PS... Dusk Nail Polish Cosmic swatches & review1819Again, this is a black base but this one has pink/purple flakies that have a gold shift. It also smells and takes 3 coats!

Like I’ve said before, Primark polishes that are made in China smell so strong. It must be the chemicals they use. I normally try to avoid them but I really wanted to try these. They are pretty polishes, and the bottles are fab (albeit a rip off of Louboutin) but I think they could’ve been so much better! A thicker, less smelly formula would have been a great start…

I can’t remember how much these are, as I picked them up a little while ago now but they were definitely £2 or less each. Good luck trying to find them, if you want them! I wonder if any stores still stock them…

C x

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