2018: a year in review

Long time no post! My last post was over a month ago now and I can only apologise. I decided to take another break throughout December as I had such a busy month, but I’m back and I’m going to bring you plenty of great content in 2019. Talking of 2019…

This year I’m taking a step back from blogging. No, I’m not quitting but I’m going to reduce the amount of stress it brought me by only posting on the blog once or twice a week (max!). This will give me more time to make those posts better for you, and more creative time for nail art for my Instagram. Last year I tried to do so much that I had quite a few intervals of not posting at all, which is not something I want to do this year. I want to be more involved with Instagram and also have time for myself to do other things – for my sanity (and mental health) I need to do this! This will be my 5th year blogging and I very much look forward to it, now I’ve relieved some of the pressure from myself.

2018 was quite something in terms of my blog growth. I jumped from 250+ followers to having 827 overall! I’ve reached 130,000+ views, with 51,500 of those being just last years. I’ve even had great stats for the months I wasn’t even actively blogging! I’m so happy with these numbers and they may seem small to some but I appreciated every single one of you who comes and takes the time to read my posts.



Because of the breaks I took last year, I posted 18 times less than in 2017. If I stick to my goal of 1-2 posts in 2019 then I’ll post even less this year. However, as I said… I’m hoping the content will be an improvement.


Talking of content… I want to add beauty back into the mix (it took a bit of a backseat last year) AND I also want to add in some other topics. I’m an avid reader and so I’m thinking of doing a monthly round up of the books I’ve read, seeing as I already share all of this on my bookstagram (@bookishnotes). I also LOVE stationery, like really love it, to the point where I’ve subscribed to a monthly box… I’d really like to write about this side of my life too. My aim with these extras is to do some nail art to match the books and stationery to tie it all together! I’ve been talking about adding more to the blog for a while now and I really feel like this year is the right time.

In terms of nails, I’ll still be swatching new releases (and old) and doing nail art as usual! As this is my first love and the whole reason I created this blog. I continue to be sent products to review from various companies, which I am SO grateful for as it helps me to provide content for all you lovely lot and be more able to readily share my favourites.

My Instagram is still going strong! I have less than 2K followers once again, simply because I had a cull of all the ghost followers and inactive accounts to try and help beat the crappy algorithm. Having fewer followers is actually helping my engagement! More people are seeing my posts and therefore liking and commenting on them, which helps them be seen even further! Excellent news. I don’t only do all this work for my enjoyment but for my followers too.

As I said earlier, I wanted to really work on my nail art this year. In 2018, I really struggled for inspiration because I spent so much of my time swatching and reviewing that I didn’t even have time to think. I’ve already made a good start (well I think so) and have posted all nail art since starting my 2019 feed:

Make sure you check out my Instagram (@tippedoffnails) for all the details on these designs and give me a follow if you’re not already! Also, make sure to follow me on Twitter & Pinterest and give me a like on Facebook. ♥️

I hope 2019 is going to be a good one for this little blogging world of mine and I hope it’s a great year for all of you too!

I have a new post planned and ready to write for tomorrow, see you then!

C x

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