NEW Leighton Denny Rejuvenate Hand Mask*

Leighton Denny kindly sent me a little pamper bundle a few weeks back, which includes the new Rejuvenate Hand Mask, Plush Pink nail colour and their Double Up base & top coat. On Sunday I decided to give the hand mask a go and treat myself to a new manicure using the other bits in the process.

134As you can see the hand mask comes in glove form, which would fit just about everyone! They looked absolutely huge next to my hands, but luckily they come with sticky tabs to tighten the wrist and make sure they stayed put. You need to peel the internal layers apart before you pop them on.

Before2My nails are super dry and neglected! Don’t mind the weird fleshy colour on my nails… that’s a nude builder gel I didn’t bother to file all the way off before redoing with clear! Oops.

During5I just popped the gloves on and relaxed for half an hour. Fortunately, you can still use your phone when wearing these, granted it’s hard to type, but I was able to catch up on some Instagram scrolling…

After6After removing the gloves, I massaged in the excess product, as instructed, and my hands and cuticles are nourished and moisturised! They look 100 times better, don’t you think?

To finish off my mini pampering sessions I did a quick mani using Plush Pink and Double Up as follows: 1 coat of Double Up, 2 coats of Plush Pink and 1 coat of Double Up. I can confirm that Double Up works great as both a base and top coat. 7891011

The Rejuvenate Hand Mask costs £6.50, while both the polishes cost £12 each. Although the prices are a little more than I usually pay for nail polishes, I really do think they’re worth the price. The apply very smoothly and have a beautiful shine to them.

As for the mask, again, it’s a little more than I’d normally pay for a one-off treatment but it left my hands and cuticles feeling amazing and looking fantastic so I really do think it’s worth it! I also noticed that there was as till a lot of product left in the gloves after removal so I’ve popped them in a sealed bag to see if I can get another use out of them…

C x

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