Kikil London Gel: Spring Collection 2019 Swatches


I was meant to get these swatches up months ago, and I’ve actually swatched these 3 times (!!) but wasn’t happy with the quality fo the photos I took the first 2 times! They were either fuzzy or bad lighting… However, third timelucky, I got it right and I know have my Kiki London Gel Spring Collection swatches to show you!


I love this creamy pastel yellow! Buttercup is the perfect name for it.

Beaches & Cream

Another yellow, but this one leans much more of a sandy colour and equally as pretty!

Coral Whip

The perfect pastel coral to brighten up your spring and summer days!

Just Lavish

I love this pastel lilac shade. I can see myself wearing this one a lot and it applies so well!

Fiji Water

I’m a sucker for a good turquoise and this Tiffany shade is no exception! This is going to be great going into summer now.

Mojito Ice

A stunning fresh, pastel green! I don’t normally go for greens but I’ve already been wearing this one!

I love these spring colours and even though we’re heading into summer, they’ll still be wearable. You can grab them individually here for £5.29 each, or buy the whole set here for £32.99. If you use TIPPEDOFFNAILS* at checkout then you’ll save 10%, grabbing them for just £4.77 each or £29.70 for the set!

I’ll be back soon with the new Neon Vibes Collection soon!

C x

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