Barry M Summer 2019 Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paints: Swatches & Review


Barry M finally released new Gellies! There are 4 in this release and all of them are perfect for summer. This brings us to a total of 58 Gelly Hi Shine nail paints! I have noticed that some of these shades are very similar to a few of the colours first released back in 2012/2013, but as the old shades aren’t availbale anymore these are great substitutes if you missed out. I’ve shared my comparisons below! Having said this, I hope they never discontinue this range, it’s one of my favourites.

Banana Split

An absolutely gorgeous sunshine yellow! I compared this to the only other yellow in the collection, Mustard, which was released back in 2014 (ring and pinky).

Pink Grapefruit

Another stunning colour, this gorgeous warm pink is perfect for when the sun is actually shining (where you at summer??). This is very similar to the original Grapefruit (ring and pinky), which was first released in 2012 in the original 9 Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paints!


A beautiful vibrant orange! If I was going anywhere sunny on holiday, this is the colour I’d pick. I will say that it is practially identical to Satsuma, again released in 2012, and I can barely tell the difference on my nails!

Blueberry Muffin

An amazing teal that leans towards blue. I love that they kept the food theme for the name! This is a touch darker than Guava (ring and pinky), which was released in 2013, but is the colour it’s most similar too out of the Gellies.

Even though these are similar to some of the older shades, I am still loving them all. Barry M always bring out such great collections. The formula is as good as always, with just 2 coats needed for each. These are available now at, Superdrug online & instore (currently 3 for 2!), and some Boots stores for £3.99.

While I’m here, I may as well share the new Fortune Teller glaze topcoat too! At just £2.99, this irridescent shard glitter effect can glam up any colour. It’s also available at, Superdrug (here) and some Boots stores.

As you can see it adds instant sparkle! I used just one coat over a nude base in the first 2 photos. The third photos shows 2 coats (index and middle) compared to 2 coats of Crstyal Glaze – a topper they released back in 2013. I have to say I think I prefer Fortune Teller as it has a much stronger iridescent effect.

C x

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