Bluesky Neon Smoothie Collection


Bluesky have a brand new Neon Smoothie Collection available and it’s perfect for summer! There are 6 gel colours in this range and they have a running theme of muted neons (not quite pastels, not quite brights) with a black speckle and gold glitter running through them. This is something unique to gels that I haven’t personally seen before, but I’ve seen in plenty of Indies! Let’s take a look at them.

Bluesky Gel Neon Smoothie Collection Swatches & Review

Mango Tango

This is a gorgeous mango orange and the black speckles really do look like seeds in a smoothie! And how fab does it look matte?

Tropical Twist

This vibrant neon yellow is amazing, it leans slightly green and is the essence of all things tropical! Again, I love this one matte.

Mint Mania

A fabulous neon green! This reminds me of a (mojito) smoothie for sure. I actually prefer this one glossy but it looks great matte too.

Blueberry Burst

Again, loving this one glossy! This blue is very pretty and will. look great with a tan.

Berry Crush

The gold really stands out in this berry purple! It’s so squishy glossy… almost good enough to eat (or drink!).

Raspberry Rocket

Last but not least we have this fantastic neon pink. Again, this would look amazing with a tan – it would really pop.

These are available from* as individuals, or as a set, at £6.50 each. The formula for all 6 of these gels was great, with just 2 coats needed for each, which I must say is incredible for neons! If you didn’t know, neons have the tendency to be on the sheer side, but not these! I definitely rate the quality of these.

C x

*This company sent me these products for swatching purposes. They did not ask me to review the products and all opinions are my own.

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