Dystopia Nail Polish – Gothic Fictions II: Swatches & Review


It was just 3 months ago that the original Gothic Fictions Collection was released, and today I have swatches of the new Gothic Fictions II Collection. These polishes are made by Sara, who owns Dystopia Nail Polish, a relatively new UK indie nail polish brand. All Dystopia Nail Polish products are cruelty free and vegan, and have a 10-free base. This newest collection is based on some more of Sara’s favourite Gothic Fictions, and will be released on the 28th of July.

A Ghost Who Bleeds

A beautiful magenta pink holo! This is isnpired by The Phantom of the Opera. Just 2 coats here!

Misery Made Me A Fiend

Inspired by Frankenstein, this green polish has an awesome gold multi chrome magnetic effect. This is 3 thin coats.

The Instruments of Life

The second polish inspired by Frankenstein, and another magnetic! This one is a brilliant blue with a blue multi chrome magnetic effect. This is also 3 thin coats.

Light of all Light

This beautiful shimmery white is inspired by Dracula and takes just 2 coats. I love how innocent this one is… but wait!

The Blood is the Life

…add this awesome red glitter topper, also inspired by Dracula, and it makes it look like blood drops and that innocent polish becomes a litter darker! How fun.

This is another amazing collection. I loved how they’re inspired by classic gothic fiction but are still fun.

Make sure to head over to Dystopia Nail Polish on instagram and check out her other polishes on the website!

C x

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