NEW Barry M: Green Origin Nail Paints – Swatches & Review

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Barry M are releasing a BRAND NEW Green Origin Nail Paint line. It’s an 8-piece eco-friendly collection: part of their commitment to Greener Beauty! The nail polishes are made of 70% natural origin ingredients including potato starch, corn and wheat! Barry M are already cruelty-free (these nail paints are vegan) and I am LOVING that they’re now taking steps towards sustainable beauty. It’s something we need more of, especially with the way we’re heading towards harming this planet so substaintially! It may not be THE answer but it’s a step in the right direction at least. Let’s take a look at them, shall we? They’re going to be the perfect shades for Autumn…

Red Sea

A stunning deep, warm red! I’m in love with this shade for this time of year.

Rock Pool

Not your typical teal! This is a dusky green-teal that is absolutely GORGEOUS! I don’t think I own a polish like this…

Night Sky

Of course there had to be a navy/royal blue in an autumn collection. This one does not disappoint, it’s so deep and inky.


This is such a lovely deep mustard/butterscotch yellow. It’s similar to Mustard but it’s much richer.


A soft, muted cool-toned brown for the collection! Although I can’t stand eating mushrooms, I don’t mind wearing them…


This is a gorgeous deep and vibrant jewel toned berry! It really adds something to the collection.

Down To Earth

I’m loving this light, creamy nude/beige! It’ll be a great palette cleanser or base for nail art.


Last but by no means least, we have this stunning deep and earthy forest green. This is one of my favourites!

The formula for these nail paints is fantastic, which just goes to show that sustainable beauty can be done without costing the quality of the product. They have a full and glossy finish and take just 2 coats for full opacity, most are almost there with 1. They have the wide brush for easy application which comes standard with all Barry M Nail Paints now and they dry pretty quickly too!

What I haven’t shown you a photo of is the Green Origin Base and Topcoat that can be paired with these shades to prolong the shine and stay!

This collection is available now from and will be released in Superdrug on the 11th of September. Larger Boots stores will be stocking them from 25th of September. They’re just Β£3.99 each. I love how Barry M maintain their affordable prices!

C x

7 thoughts on “NEW Barry M: Green Origin Nail Paints – Swatches & Review

  1. This is such a cool concept! If the formulas are that good, they should use it for all their polishes :] I do like that they chose a fall color palette, hopefully they’ll keep adding to the line throughout the seasons!

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