Kiki London: Easy Build Up Review

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If you’ve been following me here (or on my instagram) for a while, you’ll know I always wear gel overlays on my nails to stop them from breaking. The gel provides strength and extra protection, it’s the only reason I’ve been able to grow my nails! I’ve previously been using other builder gels because Kiki London hadn’t released one yet… but that’s all changed!

Easy Build Up is is a soak-off builder gel that can be used to provide natural nail strengthening and can also be used for sculpting with forms or creating extensions using tips. I will personally mostly use it for providing strength to my natural nails, and maybe the occasional extension if a nail breaks or I fancy a change! There are 4 15ml shades to choose from for your base colour.

Snow Glaze: a lovely soft, milky white. I think this one would work perfectly if you’re going to be wearing a gel colour over the top because it builds up opacity.

Nude Tone: a subtle, natural nude with cool undertones.

Sweet Rose: a gorgeous, warm soft pink.

Crystal Clear: as the name suggests, a clear builder gel.

The latter 3 will also work well under colour gel, and Crystal Clear is the one I’ve used as I’m just applying it to my natural nails and it gives a natural look.

All 4 of these are easy to apply with a medium viscosity that self levels. It’s one of the easiest builder gels I’ve used as it’s not so thick you can’t manipulate it to where you need it to be, which is definitely something I’ve experienced in the past. It’s also not so runny that if you apply a thicker layer it runs off the nail. Which is why it’s the best builder gel I’ve ever used – the consitancy (and brush) is perfect for me. I also love the colour selection.

The way I apply builder gel, and it may differ from person to person, is to prep and apply the Kiki London Base Coat (cure), apply a thinner layer of the Easy Build Up (cure), apply a thicker more sculpted layer of Easy Build Up (cure), and then I file to shape! If I’m not quite happy with the final shape I apply another layer of Builder Gel to fix this and file again, finishing off with the No Wipe Top Coat. If I’m doing an extension the only additional step I take is to use a form to build the length using the same technique!

As you can see, they look like my natural nails but in person they have added thickness and strength! These will definitely be my go-to builder gels for the future.

You can purchase all 4 of these as part of a set, which comes with 20 nail forms, for £42.99 or £38.69 using my discount code TIPPEDOFFNAILS*.

You can also buy them as individuals (links above) for £11.49 each or £10.34 using TIPPEDOFFNAILS*! With these you get 5 nail forms to get you started.

C x

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