Kiki London – Autumn Collection 2019: swatches & review

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A little while ago Kiki London released their new Autumn Collection for this year and, of course, it’s stunning and very much rivals last years collection! Once again, it’s made up on 6 stunning gel colours that are perfect for this time of year.

Mr Grey

This is a lovely,moody dark grey and goes perfectly with Mrs Grey from last years collection, which is much lighter – see below!

Honey Bee

This is THE most perfect autumnal mustard yellow, and I don’t own anything like this from Kiki (I have all their colours now!).

Blue Navy

An absolutely stunning royal navy blue – which is so pigmented! It’s similar to Electric Island from last years Summer Collection but it has a much better formula and is also darker in colour. See below for a comparison!

Miss Mauve

This is another colour that’s unique for Kiki London and it’s prefect for those who prefer to wear more neautral colours – it’s a very pretty mauve.

Soldier Girl

Unlike last years Go Khaki, this is a much darker, more wintery feeling khaki. It’s almost forest green in comparison and I love it – see below for a comparison.


This gorgeous deep aubergine purple is actually one of my favourites from the collection. It’s definitely a colour that was needed!

I absolutely love all of these colours, although I am a little bias because autumn is my favourite season so these are all perfect for me.

You can buy the whole collection for £34.99, or just £31.49 using TIPPEDOFFNAILS*, and individuals are available for £5.99 each or just £5.39 using the same discount code at checkout!

C x

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