Barry M Nail Shots Review

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Barry M has released 3 new vegan cuticle oils under the name Nail Shots! Each Nail Shot contains colourful oils that you need to shake to blend before you apply to your nails and cuticles. The 3 blends are Avocado, Grape and Argan. They say to apply before your manicure, let them soak in the wash off. Let’s see what I think…


Has the scents of avocado, sweet almond and mint. The mint really comes through on this one.


Has the scents of grape, sweet almond and raspberry. For me this one, as with all grape scents, it smakes artifically sweet.


Has the scents of argan, sweet almond and violet. This is my favourite of the 3, with a sweet scent without being fake.

All 3 of these oils would be best to be used after your manicure, and possibly before bed, as they have quite a greasy finish but I do belive they’ll give a deep moisturising to you cuticles!

They’re available now from, Boots (3 for 2!) and Superdrug (free liquid highlighter when you spend £9) for £3.99 each.

C x

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