Kiki London – Thermal Colour Changing Gels

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Tonight I finally have some swatches of the Kiki London Thermal Colour Changing Gels that were released a veyr long time ago now! There are 8 in total and are so fun to wear – they change colour depending on the temperature of the air/your nails.

Tropical Peach

This is a fun orange to pink thermal! The only way I could capture the shift in all of these thermals when I took these pictures is by dipping my fingers in cold water – it was too warm!

Mermaid Waves

This is my favourite of the lot – a blue to green!

Passion Duet

A fun and vibrant hot pink to purple.

Baby Fuschia

You can JUST about make out the hot pink to red shift – it was hard to capture!

Exotic Mama

For me, this one is very similar to Baby Fuschia, but brighter and without the shimmer.

Pretty Girl

A pretty pink to purple shimmer.

Sweet Charm

A pink to grey shimmer!

Blue-tiful Wine

And finally we have a blue to purple shimmer!

I have to admit not all of these are my cup of tea but the first 3 are definitely ones that I would wear.

These are available as a set for £44.99 or £40.49 if you use my discount code TIPPEDOFFNAILS. You can also purhcase them as individuals from £4.99 each, or from £4.49 if you use my code, and are also available in a buy 4 get 1 free offer!

C x

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