Madam Glam: Metallic Collection


I have 3 of the Madam Glam Metallic Collection for you today! This collection is made up of 13 sheer gels and a metallic base coat to turn those gellies shimmery! In my swatches I have 1 coat of the Metallic Base Coat, 1 coat of the Metallic Silver Base and 2 coats of the colour.


This is an awesome golden yellow!


A stunning rusted orange.

Ruby Red

A deep Christmass-y berry red!

Metallic Silver Base

This is the silver base that gives the gelly colours their metallic finishes – it only works over the Metallic Base Coat but you can top it with your usual gel top coat once you’ve applied your colour.

These 15ml gels cost £19.30 ($24.95) each but if you use TIPPEDOFFNAILS30 at checkout, you’ll get 30% off bringing them down to £13.51 ($17.47)! They’re such fun to play with but don’t forget the Metallic Base and Metallic Silver otherwise they won’t work!

C x

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