Sparklea Nail Polish Moana Collection Swatches (partial)

Sparklea Nail Polish Moana Collection

If you’re a Disney fan and you haven’t watched Moana yet… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It’s probably one f my favourite (if not my favourite) out of the new animated ‘sing-song’ Disney films and I’ve definitely watched it too many times (is that a thing!?). Anyway, Lea from Sparklea Nail Polish released a Moana collection not too long ago and I recently purchased 3 out of the 5 polishes that were originally available. You can still get 3 of them (2 of the ones I’m sharing here plus another I didn’t get) on the website and they’re currently ON SALE! All polishes are handmade by Lea and are also are 5-free and cruelty-free. Most cost £6 for 10ml or £3.50 for 5ml at full price. I managed to pick up mine in the sale and I think I got them for £4 each.Read More »

Lucky Laquers Fairy Dust Collection

Lucky Lacquer Fairy Dust Collection Swatches and Review


I’m going to get straight into this because I bought these polishes about a year ago and I am only now getting round to swatching them! This is mainly because any nail polish lovers out there will know how much of a b***h it is to get glitter nail polish off so these swatches were aided by Charming Tale’s Practical Magic as a peel-off base! All swatches are 3 coats finished off with Seche Vite topcoat. 
Lucky Laquer Snow white Lucky Laquer Snow white Lucky Laquer Snow white

Snow White has a clear base and is filled with a variety of sizes of silver holographic hex glitters. I think if you used the sponge method of application you could get a fuller coverage but I quite like it as it is 🙂 Don’t you hate it when your macro shots show unwanted fluff on your nails??
Lucky Lacquer Silver Mist Lucky Lacquer Silver Mist Lucky Lacquer Silver Mist

Silver Mist contains the same hex glitters (as do the rest of the collection for that matter) but it has a blue jelly base which I found meant it built up a bit better in 3 coats.
Lucky Lacquer Ariel Lucky Lacquer Ariel Lucky Lacquer Ariel

Ariel contains the same 3 hex glitters and has a red jelly base which is quite pigmented and allows full coverage in 3 coats 🙂 I actually really like this and I’m not usually a fan of true reds.
Lucky Lacquer Hermione Lucky Lacquer Hermione Lucky Lacquer Hermione

Hermione has a gorgeous golden orange base and 3 sizes of holographic hex glitters. It has a similar coverage to Silver Mist.
Lucky Lacquer Tinker Bell Lucky Lacquer Tinker Bell Lucky Lacquer Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell has a gorgeous green jelly base and has good coverage after 3 coats… I feel like this colour will be good for (dare I say it in August..) Christmas!

So there we have it… I enjoyed swatching these using liquid latex as a base.. it makes it so much more fun and stress-free and saves my nails from continuous exposure to nail polish remover during swatches. I think my favourite from this collection is Tinker Bell and Ariel. 🙂

You can purchase these online at Lucky Lacquers.