Charming Tale The Sword, Spinning Wheel, Snow Queen

Christmas Haul: Primark, Lacura Beauty & Charming Tale


I have another little Christmas Haul today with the bits and pieces that I got in my stocking, and a little purchase I treated myself to. This is mostly going to be a picture gallery.

P.S Love Nail Polish mini sets

First up are the P.S Love Nail Polish mini sets that I received from my boyfriend in my stocking. They only issue I had with these was the smell, otherwise they’re pretty decent for the price and I got a good range of colours.
P.S. Love Nail Polish mini Sets

P.S. Love Nail Polish mini Sets

Next up are the Lacura Beauty nail care items that I received from ‘Santa’ in the stocking mum requested for me 😉 I’m excited to try these out properly as I’ve only used each one once so far so I can’t give a full review of them just yet.


The Nail Brightener claims to leave the nails looking healthy and natural with regular use. Lacura Beauty Nail Hardener

The Nail Hardener claims to restore thin and weak nails to their former beauty by using micro-diamond particles which help to prevent the nails from splitting and breaking , giving them a beautiful shine. Lacura Beauty Nail OilAnd finally the Nail Oil gives the nails back their natural shine and has a unique triple-action formal of apricot, almond and macadamia oil which provides moisture and care to brittle and broken nails. It also contains vitamin E. It strengthens nails and softens cuticles.

The last thing here is the ‘To me from me’ gift. I purchased these from Charming Tale just before christmas, sadly Leanne is taking a break from making Charming Tale polishes just now so I can’t telly you to go buy any but here they are!

Charming Tale The Sword, Spinning Wheel, Snow Queen

The Sword

Charming Tale The SwordIMG_6534

2 coats, no topcoat. This is a gorgeous white/silver shimmery polish that is perfect for winter manis.

Spinning Top and Snow Queen

Charming Tale Spinning Wheel Snow Queen

Charming Tale Spinning Wheel, Snow Queen

These are both glitter toppers – Spinning Top is gold and Snow Queen is silver/white. Both are very subtle but very gorgeous and I can’t wait to play with these more.

So that’s all I received for Christmas nail polish wise this year. Don’t forget to go check out my post on the Models Own polishes I received.

Charming Tale Camelot Collection

Charming Tale – The Camelot Collection*

Hello 🙂

Sorry it’s been a while, my MacBook decided to break but now it’s somehow revived itself. I’m still off to Apple to get it checked though, don’t want to risk it again! Anyway, today I have 2 of Charming Tale’s new polishes from the Camelot Collection which will be releasing on Sunday 15th – find it here.

The Dragon Camelot Collection The Dragon Camelot Collection The Dragon Camelot Collection The Dragon Camelot Collection

First up – The Dragon. Brown polish isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I love this it’s more of a coppery gold (my fav at the moment) and look at the shimmer! Even mattified (bottom 2 pictures). I tried to capture the flakies that are in there too (last picture) but rather unsuccessfully.  All swatches show 2 coats 🙂

The Wizard Camelot Collection The Wizard Camelot Collection The Wizard Camelot Collection The Wizard Camelot Collection

This is The Wizard which is a gorgeous deep blue. Once again the polish is perfect in 2 coats and the shimmer is great and you can actually see the flakies in the last photo (yay me!).

Make sure you go check this collection out on Sunday, there’s 5 colours in total and I may have to complete my collection…

C x

Charming Tale Double Double, Toil and Trouble

Sunday Swatches: Charming Tale’s Double Double, Toil and Trouble Collection


I’m excited to share these swatches with you! It’s the Charming Tale’s Double Double, Toil and Trouble Collection! It consists of 4 fantastic holos and 1 glitter topper with all swatches showing 2 coats plus topcoat. I’m going to say now that all the holos had perfect application and that you could probably get away with one coat. I found that adding a topcoat helped make them extra shiny. I used Cloak of Invisibility a peel of basecoat also from Charming Tale to make swatching easier for me – this is also available for grabs in my giveaway. But let’s get on with the swatches…

Charming Tale Double Double, Toil and TroubleRead More »

Charming Tale Merryweather and Practical Magic

Charming Tale Merryweather and Practical Magic*


Today I have something for you from the new brand Charming Tale which is an indie brand run by Leanne from Lea’s Nails and its launching over at today at 7pm GMT, the 22nd. I have for you one of the six nail polishes being released Merryweather and her amazing liquid latex Practical Magic. I was sent these products to swatch and review and I am giving you my honest opinion 🙂

Charming Tale Merryweather

Charming Tale Merryweather

Charming Tale Merryweather

Charming Tale Merryweather

Charming Tale Merryweather

Merryweather is a gorgeous royal blue creme polish that really does remind me of the fairy from Sleeping Beauty. It applies beautifully in 2 smooth coats to an opaque finish with a great shine. There is no off putting smell which is an added bonus and it dries really quickly too! Don’t mind the flaw on my ing finger that’s just an annoying ridge.

Merry weather

Charming Tale Practical Magic

Charming Tale Practical Magic

Charming Tale Practical Magic

Charming Tale Practical Magic

Practical Magic Liquid Latex is another great item. I used it here for sponge glitter application and it worked amazingly. The product has a soft applicator similar to lipgloss and goes on as pink and glittery 🙂 It doesn’t smell terrible either like some liquid latexes out there. Once it dries, which takes about 3-5 minutes (try not to apply it too thickly, even a thing layer works well), it turns clear and you can really see the glitters then. I then sponged on my glitter and peeled of Practical Magic with some tweezers and wah-la it all came off in one go and my fingers were glitter free!

I don’t know exact prices for these products (at time of writing) but I know for a fact that the maximum price for a 10ml bottle is £6.65 and the maximum for a 5ml bottle is £3.50, so they’re reasonably priced for an indie brand 🙂 I definitely  recommend you check out this brand. I talk to Leanne on instagram a lot and you are 100% getting the best with her company and her products 🙂

C x

Sparklea Nail Polish Moana Collection Swatches (partial)

Sparklea Nail Polish Moana Collection

If you’re a Disney fan and you haven’t watched Moana yet… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It’s probably one f my favourite (if not my favourite) out of the new animated ‘sing-song’ Disney films and I’ve definitely watched it too many times (is that a thing!?). Anyway, Lea from Sparklea Nail Polish released a Moana collection not too long ago and I recently purchased 3 out of the 5 polishes that were originally available. You can still get 3 of them (2 of the ones I’m sharing here plus another I didn’t get) on the website and they’re currently ON SALE! All polishes are handmade by Lea and are also are 5-free and cruelty-free. Most cost £6 for 10ml or £3.50 for 5ml at full price. I managed to pick up mine in the sale and I think I got them for £4 each.Read More »