Testing Beauty UK

Blogmas Day 15: testing Beauty UK

Beauty UK is an independent UK beauty brand, that has been around ever since I can remember. I’ve noticed that the products I’ve tried today are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly (not stated on the nail polish, but I’ve sent an enquiry to check!), which is amazing. My first ever dark lipstick was a Beauty UK one, and I loved it. This was YEARS ago now but they do in fact still sell Plumalicious! Since then, I haven’t bought a single product from this brand so when I saw they were having a 50% off sale during Black Friday I thought I would give some different products to try. They’re super affordable as it is – although I do remember paying £1 for that first lipstick in Superdrug and it now costs £3.49. Inflation for you… I’m going to list them all at full price, but I only paid half! Oh… they’re having a 40% off Christmas Sale right now if you’re interested! Read More »


Blogmas Day 14: Sleek Lip VIP Full Collection

Back in April 2016 I shared my first swatches of the 6 new Sleek Lip VIP lipsticks, and then in June 2016 I shared 3 more and I swatched a further 6 in October the same year. There are now 24 shades in total, including Dream Decade which I don’t own, plus 2 from the Rockstar Collection. I thought I’d compile a quick swatch post of all the 26 shades that I won so they’re all in one place! There are only 21 still available on the Sleek site though! You can also buy them at Boots and Superdrug too. Prices (ATOW) start at £3.99 but they’re usually £5.49 and often on offer. I’ll start with the standard Lip VIPs first.Read More »

Barry M Matte Me Up haul

Blogmas Day 11: Barry M Matte Me Up Haul

In my attempt at getting the ‘free’ Barry M Matchmaker gifts from Superdrug and Boots, that I shared in yesterday’s blog post, I decided to expand my Matte Me up liquid lipstick collection. I ended up buying 3 from both the sites to meet the minimum spend, plus a mascara, but they’re all colours I eventually wanted to get my hands on anyway. they cost £4.99 each and have an amazing formula for the price, which I talked about in my last review. I also have a lip kit that was free with another order earlier in this month. Not that I can remember what I bought to get it now…Read More »

Blogmas Day 10: Barry M Matchmaker Kits

I’m back with day 10 of Blogmas! I can’t believe I’ve even made it this far and havne’t missed a post… Anyway, I’m sharing the Limited Edition Barry M Matchmaker lip & nail kits with you today. These were free with either a Superdrug or Boots order when you spent a £8 on Barry M. The kits come with an exclusive metallic matte me up lipstick and an exclusive nail paint too. Read More »

Barry M Meteor Storm: Swatches & Review

Okay, so this is my last palette post for a while! Promise! I recently got some amazon vouchers and guess which palette happened to be on there! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on Meteor Storm for since it was released (the same time as Fall in Love and Crown Jewels, which I previously swatched) and but I’m trying not to spend as much money, so obviously I was going to get it if it’s free! Barry M’s description is:

With dynamic, light reflecting duochrome and metallic shades, Barry M’s Meteor Storm eyeshadow palette has 8 luxurious, highly pigmented hues. Radiant on their own, the shades also work stunningly layered together for an infinite variety of otherworldly looks. A multi-dimensional palette that will take you from dark and demure… to vibrant and intense in seconds!”

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