Nimy Nail Polish: a review of two blues

Just a short post tonight! I have two colours from the new(ish) indie brand Nimy Nail Polish. There have been so many new indies popping up recently it’s hard to keep up! I decided to try a creme and a crelly, both in blue and both perfect for the (hopefully) upcoming warmer months.Read More »

Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels swatches

Makeup Revolution: Eyes Like Angels – Swatches & Review

The Eyes Like Angels palette is the final one I needed to complete my collection of the Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow palettes! I didn’t think I would ever purchase this one because the colours are so bright and vibrant but now that I own it, I have no regrets! Read More »

2017: A Year In Review

Here I am on Christmas Eve writing my last blog post of 2017, which happens to be my 280th post overall, and reflecting on this small part of my life. I feel like Tipped Off Nails has come so far since I started back in 2014 and it’s particularly grown this year. My views have hit 40K+, an increase of 1065% (!) since my first year, and I now have 250+ followers on here. My monthly views are now almost as high as my first full year of blogging! 2017 has not been an easy year for me, as some of you may know, so it’s good to see improvements here on my little blogging project.Read More »

Blog Improvements

This is a rather impromptu blog post… I almost quit Tipped Off Nails a few weeks ago… I’m feeling the pressure from my master’s degree, facing some financial difficulties, and I’m still on the long, slow road of recovering from cancer (see here) – I just still don’t have as much energy or motivation as I’d like! Add the dedication and time needed to run a blog and the fact that my Instagram isn’t growing as much as I’d liked, and I hit a wall. Despite all that, I love doing my nails and I really enjoy sharing this with all my lovely followers. This gave me a new boost of enthusiasm for it all and made me start questioning how I can make improvements.Read More »

MUA Nail polish

MUA Nail Polish bargains

Okay, so I was in Superdrug…again…and noticed that the MUA nail polishes were only 50p. 50p! So obviously I grabbed a couple, I didn’t go wild because I was already buying a load of other makeup products – as you’ll see in Saturday’s blog post. I already own a few of these and this time I picked up just 2 in the colours Leapfrog and Orchid to add to my mini collection Read More »