September Meebox

September Pumpkin Spice Meebox Review

I’ll start off by saying sorry I missed last weeks blog post! Most of you probably didn’t notice but I still feel guilty… Anyway, I re-subscribed to Meebox. I didn’t stay away for long… but I think I might quit again. I have a love-hate relationship with Meebox right now. I was super excited for this month’s theme, Pumpkin Spice, with stamping products but when it arrived I couldn’t get the stamping plate to work for me! I tried various nail polishes (which I tried on other plates and worked) and 2 different stampers (which, again, worked on other plates) but nothing… It might just be me because I’ve never had much luck with stamping but because the 2 products that weren’t nail polish revolved it, I wasn’t left with much to play with. The nail polishes were also hit-and-miss though…Read More »

Meebox August 2016 Boho

August Boho Birthday Meebox Review

It’s that time again! Time for the August Meebox review. This month it’s their birthday and they decided on a gorgeous Boho theme. Read More »

July Rio Meebox Review

July Rio Meebox Review

Did anyone watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony last night?? If you’re wondering why I’m asking July’s Meebox was Rio themed! I was really impressed with last months box and I am also with this month but the colours aren’t as wearable for me personally – they’re great don’t get me wrong, I just wouldn’t have picked them out usually.Read More »

June Splash meebox Review

June Splash Meebox Review

Okay, so I used to subscribe to Nailbox and for various reasons I stopped, I explain it a bit more in my last Nailbox post, but I’ve recently subscribed to a different nail subscription box: Meebox. I’ve seen lots of great reviews and I’m not disappointed with my first box. This month the theme was Splash and featured all Indie brands! 💕 I also decided to do some nail art featuring all the products in this month’s box, so hang around until the end for that. 

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