June Nail Art Challenge: 15 – Fathers Day

Hello 🙂
I’ve been at home for the weekend and I haven’t been back for ages! Such a nice visit, despite the hayfever… Anyway today is just a quick post as I’m still here, but I have the Father’s Day June Nail Art Challenge for you from Californails on Instagram. Personally, I’m not very happy with these but they represent my dad. He’s a big lover of rugby and used to play, he likes beer (as most dads do) and his job is being a builder, so that’s what I painted on my nails 🙂
I used a base of white nail polish, I’m 99% sure I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White (sorry, I did these before I came here for the weekend!) and the. Used acrylic paints over the top and finished of with a top coat.

Father's Day Nails

On the thumb is rugby posts, the index is obviously a beer bottle, my ring finger is my dad’s old rugby strip, middle finger represents my dad’s glasses (badly) and my pinky is bricks for his job! I don’t like how it looks, it was a poor effort on my behalf, I didn’t have much time… but it’s who my dad is 🙂

I’ll be posting again once I’m back from visiting home 🙂
C x

June Nail Art Challenge: 06 – Fav Movie

Hello 🙂

So I don’t have a favourite movie, I’m too indecisive for that but I decided to do The Hobbit today for Califronails nail art challenge because I wanted to try out a new polish I picked up using my Boots points.

For this mani I used Barry M Gold Glitter, Black Multi Glitter (the one I wanted to try out) and their nail art pen in white, China Glaze Mingle With Cringle and a random silver striper, which I got in a set of 50 from eBay about 2 years ago! The Hobbit Nails The Hobbit Nails

The Barry M Black Multi Glitter wasn’t as great as I had hoped. In the bottle you can see the tiny little silver and holo glitters perfectly fine but on the nail its a little underwhelming. But I went ahead and used it anyway.

The Hobbit Nails

To create this look I used one coat of Black Multi Glitter and dabbed on the Gold Glitter, just over the tips of my nails. I wanted it to look like the piles of gold that Smaug lives in. I then used the nail art pen to write on the title and draw the silhouette of Sting on my thumb nail. To make it look it more like the title in the film I then used a thin nail art brush to paint over the white with Mingle with Cringle and I used the silver to go over Sting, I tried to make it look like it was glowing… I topped it all off with HK Girl topcoat and applied my favourite cuticle cream from Burt’s Bees. The Hobbit Nails The Hobbit Nails

I know it’s not the best nail art but I’m learning – slowly! What do you think and what’s your favourite film?

C x

June Nail Art Challenge: 04 – Disney

Hello again 🙂

Today I have the second category from Californails June Nail Art Challenge, which is Disney! I was originally going to do Tangled and have Rapunzel’s hair running across my nails, but I just couldn’t do and I didn’t have the time to faff to much as I’m still sitting exams for Uni! So.. I ended up doing Alice in Wonderland 🙂 I kept it simple and used a variety of polishes so I won’t list them all! The tools I used were just a dotting tool, a striper brush and Barry M’s Nail Art Pen in black. I apologise for it not being very neat, I rushed it a little bit so I could crack on with revision! The thumb nail, which I’m not showing being it went wrong, has a pocket watch on it.

Alice In Wonderland Nails


Simple but I like them, what do you think? 🙂

See you soon

C x

June Nail Art Challenge: 01 – Sky

Hello 🙂

I’ve finally decided to participate in a nail art challenge. I’m doing Californails June Nail Art Challenge, even though I’m only around until the 18th as I have to go on a 5 week mapping project for my dissertation. I think I might just do the rest of them before I go, as I’ll still be able to post them while I’m away.

01 is Sky and I decided to do a gradient with clouds, it turned out much better than I thought! I used Glisten & Glow stuck on blu base coat. Once dry, I applied 2 coats of Barry M’s Huckleberry and after this had dried fully I sponged on Elderberry and Blueberry, also Barry M. For the clouds I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and a dotting tool. I dabbed the clouds with a sponge while they were still wet so they weren’t opaque. I topped it all off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat and then decided I wanted it matte so followed this with No 7 Nail Effects – Matte. This is the finished look, I hope you like it!

June Nail Art Challenge June Nail Art Challenge June Nail Art Challenge June Nail Art ChallengeYou can see swatches for Huckleberry here and Elderberry will be up soon!

Hope you like it 🙂 Come back soon!

C x