Barry M Summer 2019 Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paints: Swatches & Review


Barry M finally released new Gellies! There are 4 in this release and all of them are perfect for summer. This brings us to a total of 58 Gelly Hi Shine nail paints! I have noticed that some of these shades are very similar to a few of the colours first released back in 2012/2013, but as the old shades aren’t availbale anymore these are great substitutes if you missed out. I’ve shared my comparisons below! Having said this, I hope they never discontinue this range, it’s one of my favourites.

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NEW AW18 Barry M Gelly Hi Shine: Swatches & Review

Another Barry M blog post! They’re on a roll with their new releases recently and of course I had to get them all… This time I have the 4 new Gelly Hi Shine nail paints ready for autumn – I’m so glad they’re still making these as I love the formula. I feel like the range has definitely replaced the classic line too…Read More »

New AW17 Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine!

Barry M recently snuck out a load of new nail paints (11 to be exact… plus a peel-off basecoat) and I think it took a lot of us by surprise! There was no press release for these and I hadn’t seen anyone swatching them before I ordered (last Monday). When I found them, they were only available on the Barry M website but I think you can now find them in store and online at Superdrug – no sign of them at Boots yet though… I’m going to start with the 2 new Gelly Hi-Shine shades as these are what really kicked me off ‘collecting’ nail polish! I own all 50 now and most, but sadly not all, have been swatched on this blog (here). Read More »

Barry M Limited Edition Boots and Superdrug

Barry M Boots & Superdrug Limited Editions 2016 + Black Forest & Wet Set Quick Dry Topcoat

I’m back! I’ve finally had the time and the energy to write a blog post. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about read my last post, it explains it all… Anyway, today I have some swatches of the ‘new’ 2016 Barry M Boots & Superdrug Limited Edition nail paints plus the Black Forest Gelly Hi-Shine and Quick Dry Topcoat. I actually purchased all of these when they were released, which I think was in September?, but I didn’t have the chance to post it, unfortunately, but now its time! Read More »

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Spring/Summer 16 + Mani Masks


Today I have the 4 new Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine SS16 nail paints AND the Mani Masks that were recently released in Boots (although they have been in M&S for months!) Let’s start with the Gellies! and hurrah for them continuing with the food theme with them.

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