Sparklea Nail Polish Haunting Hogwarts Collection swatches

Sparklea Nail Polish: Haunting Hogwarts Collection

I’ve had these Haunting Hogwarts polishes from Sparklea Nail Polish sat on my swatching shelf since before Christmas! It’s crazy how time flies… I just hadn’t managed to squeeze them in anywhere! Unfortunately, these aren’t available to buy anymore but the collection is made up of the 4 House Ghosts from Hogwarts (Harry Potter) and there were also 2 other polishes too – I think one was Peeves and the other Moaning Myrtle. I have just the 4 House Ghosts which all have a jelly finish to them, in the house colours of course.Read More »

Princess Nail Lacquer festive Haul - nothing but flakes duo, allergic to flakeness and pass the fizz swatches

Blogmas Day 1: Princess Nail Lacquer Festive Haul pt. 2

My final Princess Nail Lacquer post this week – definitely not ever! I have a mixture of polishes here that I think would be great for the upcoming months! Sadly, all but one have sold out on the website. However, there are still some very gorgeous polishes on offer, most of which are discounted and they won’t be restocked after Ashleigh returns from her break! Don’t forget to give the PNL Instagram a follow for updates on her return. First up I’m going to share the beautiful Nothing But Flakes Duo.Read More »

Princess Nail Lacquer Nightmare trio and Holo-scream trio swatches

Princess Nail Lacquer: Festive Haul pt. 1

My second Princess Nail Lacquer post of the week – I did quite the haul in the sale! This time I have some festive polishes to share with you. These 4 are actually from the Halloween collections but I think they are very Christmas appropriate! The Holo-scream Trio is still available on the website as individuals, for £5 each but sadly, the last polish I got is from the Nightmare Trio which is sold out. However, there are still plenty of polishes up for grabs, most of which are discounted and they won’t be restocked after Ashleigh returns from her break! Don’t forget to give her a follow on Instagram for updates. Read More »

Vegan Beauty Cosmetics: Galaxy Like Glitter and Gold v. Silver Collections*

*these polishes were sent to me to review, all opinions are my own*

Effiena from Vegan Beauty Cosmetics kindly sent me 2 new collections that are being released this month. Vegan Beauty Cosmetics is a UK indie brand that focuses on handmade nail polish and bath bombs all of which can be customised. All of the products are 5 Free**, Vegan-Friendly and Cruelty-Free. Read More »

Wikked Polish Mini Haul

Just a quick post today! A little while back I purchased 4 Wikked Polish nail polishes in an amazing sale on the site and I thought I’d share them with you. Wikked Polish is a UK based indie polish company , run by Sarah, who’s nail polish is all 5-free, vegan and cruelty free – so make sure to check out the websiteRead More »