Models Own Glitterball Collection

Models Own Black Friday Haul, ft. Glitterball Nail Polish

I purchased these items from Models Own on Black Friday at the end of November, 3 weeks and a lot of faff later I finally received them! I wanted to share you with them at the beginning of the month but of course I couldn’t. Anyway, I picked up 3 of the new polishes from the Glitterball Collection, as well as some other products. I’ll crack on!

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PS primark nail polish

Nail Polish Haul: O.P.I, P.S. and Makeup Gallery*

Over the past month I have treated myself to a couple of new nail polishes and Makeup Gallery also sent me a few to review. There’s O.P.I, P.S. and Makeup Gallery in the little haul so I’ll crack on.Read More »

Fairypants Matte Pastels Set swatches

Fairypants Matte Pastels Vegan Nail Polish Swatches & Review

I’m not a vegan but I think it’s nice to support the vegan community, the products are cruelty free and ‘5-free’ too of course! I’ve been meaning to buy some of their  nail polishes for a while and I finally decided on the Matte Pastels set, which cost me £15 and included 5 matte pastel colours – £3 each!

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Freckles Polish Creme Collection Swatches

Freckles Polish Creme Collection Swatches

Freckles Polish is a UK cruelty free indie polish brand and Juliann, the owner, has just released 2 new collections – Best & Worst of the 90s and Cremes. I decided to buy all of the Creme Collection because I couldn’t resist the pastel colours!

Freckles Polish Creme Collection Swatches

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Revamp: New Year, New Blog

Hello and welcome to my updated blog!

Polishes used: Barry M Matte Mocha, Barry M Matt White, Barry M Gold Foil, Barry M Gelly HiShine Black Grape

I know I’m a week late on the whole New Year thing but here we go! I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, I have to say it’s probably over a year, but I want to include more than just nail posts on my blog. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I have lost my interest in nails (I’ve just recounted my collection and I’ve reached 300…), it’s more to do with the fact that I love MORE than just nails in the beauty realm – such as bath and body products and, yes, even makeup.

So, although this will continue to primarily be a nail blog featuring my favourite (and most affordable, I’m on a budget here…) nail polishes and nail designs, I will be throwing in the occasional bath & body post and probably less frequently some makeup posts. I’m sorry if this doesn’t appeal to you but as you can tell I’ve had a long hard think about it and it’s something I want to do! I have yet to decide the frequency of these posts but I’ll keep you all updated on my instagram, which is where I post most frequently. I hope all my lovely followers and dedicated readers stick around for this and that I gain some new ones (welcome in advance!) I love all the support I get from you lot.

Stick around for the new blog 🙂

Love C x