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January Nail Art Round Up

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I’ll warn you now… this is a lengthy but not so wordy post! Last year I didn’t do much nail art, at all, and so one of my Blog Resolutions was to do some! I plunged in with two nail art challenges this month – the #glamnailschallengejan and the #teamnailprincess v #teamnailvillain. I’ll start with the January Glam Nails Challenge, run by @nbnailart and @natilartbylia_.
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Tipped Off Nail…Art Challenge July – Week 4


Welcome to Week 4 of my Tipped Off Nail Art Challenge July 🙂 I will jump straight into it.

Day 18 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - geometric nails

Day 18 – geometric I used Barry M Matte White as my base and then, once completely dry, using striping tape I set out my design and coloured in the triangles with Espresso, Cancun and Chai and finished it all off with Barry M all-in-one.

Day 19 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - cut out nails

Day 19 – cut out nails. As I said on instagram this design has been kicking around for a while in some shape or form so I’m not sure who originally created it but most are them are done with black detailing. I wanted to freshen it up with white and make it more ‘summer-y’. I just used scotch tape to block off the part of the nail I wanted to expose and then painted on (from top to bottom) Copacabana, Malibu, Miami and Cancun onto my nails. The final part involved outlining the negative space with white acrylic using a thin nail art brush 🙂 I actually love this design, I think it’s super easy and fun.

Day 20 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - music nails

Day 20 – music. Yeah… I had a lack of inspiration and motivation day and this is what I ended up with… apologies. I basically just painted on the design with black acrylic and added a topcoat.

Day 21 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - mermaid nails

Day 21 – mermaid. I was so looking forward to this one 🙂 This is my first attempt to do mermaid nails and I started with a base of Forest from the Barry M Silk collection. I then painted on the scales free-hand with white acrylic and a thin brush  and finally I sponged on some Silvermist from Lucky Lacquer. I bought all 5 from the collection well over half a year ago now with the intentions to swatch them but so far I haven’t got round to it. In august I will do it! Because they’re so pretty and I want you to see them 🙂

Day 22 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - rainbow nails

Day 22 – rainbow. I struggled to create a rainbow without a true yellow nail polish, all I had was Mustard which as you can guess is mustard coloured. But here we go – from top to bottom I sponged on Sugar Plum, Miami, Copacabana, Mango, Mustard, Key Lime, Cancun and Malibu (all Barry M). I topped it all off with China Glaze Fairy Dust because rainbows sparkle right?

 day 23 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - fav apps nails

Day 23 – fav app. This was also fun. I decide to do the logos for the 4 most used apps on my phone so Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Pinterest. For Snapchat I started with a base of Barry M Matte White and then sponged on some yellow acrylic paint before I painted on the design using acrylic paints. For the Instagram design I started with Barry M Lychee and then painted on the stripe of Cocoa along the cuticle area. The rest is again acrylic paint. I started with a base of Key Lime for WhatsApp and Blood Red from Poundland for Pinterest and just used white acrylic paint for the logos.

Day 24 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - flag nailsDay 24 – flags. So tomorrow I go on 2 cruises back to back fro 3 weeks (I’m so excited!) where 1 week is to Norway and the other 2 weeks are around the Mediterranean including Spain, Italy and France. I used Matte White for all the bases and the red used is Blood Red, the blue is Barry M Blue Grape, the green is Barry M Watermelon and the yellow is just acrylic paint.

As mentioned I am going away as of tomorrow so the rest of the challenge will be more difficult to upload to Instagram but there will be a conclusive post next Friday with the final week of designs and a summary 🙂

Don’t forget to check out Week 1Week 2 and Week 3.

C x

Tipped Off Nail…Art Challenge July – Week 3


Welcome to Week 3 of my Tipped Off Nail Art Challenge July 🙂 I’m doing good so far! I have yet to give up!

Day 11 of #tippedoffnailartchallenge July -  sunshine nails

Day 11 – sunshine as I said on Instagram I was going for something different here but didn’t end up liking it. I used Barry M Eat My Dust and topped it off with Nails Inc Fleet Street and then I placed an assortment of gold studs from the born pretty store (no longer available) and tried to arrange it as the sun with some rays radiating outwards…

Day 12 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - floral nails

Day 12 – floral I used Barry M cotton (which I will be properly swatching soon!) from the gelly hi-shine range and applied some full water decals from the born pretty store* which I was sent a long time ago – they aren’t on the website anymore but you can probably find some similar ones. They weren’t as straight forward as I thought but they turned out okay!

Day 13 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - Vintage nails

Day 13 – vintage For this I used all Barry M – surprise suprise 😉 For my index and pinky finger I used Eat My Dust and for the other 2 I used Lap of Honour and striped on some Cotton. The base of the roses are done with Pit Stop (swatch to follow – this Sunday actually) from the new speedy quick dry range and the detail was done using Chai and Cotton.

Day 14 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - Pop art nails

Day 14 – pop art  I decided to try the cartoon nails look – which is actually a lot harder than I thought. I think it would have been easier on my old square nails. The base colour is Sugar Plum (swatches to follow) and the rest is done using acrylic paint.

Day 15 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - Galaxy nails

Day 15 – galaxy For this I started with W7 matte black (swatches soon) and sponged on some Sugar Plum and Damson from Barry M. I then dotted on some white acrylic paint and once dry finished off with China Glaze Fairy Dust. This is my first galaxy nails on a black background the others I did were on white 🙂

Day 16 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - bikini nails

Day 16 – bikinis How cute!? I used Barry M Lychee as a base and then I used a thin brush and 4 So Susan colours in (from left to right) Soft Plum, Summer Breeze, Water Melon and Smurfette to draw on the bikinis. I love this haha. I feel like I should have done more detail on the bikinis though.

Day 17 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly - Water nails

Day 17 – water For this one I used 7 Barry M colours to try and create an affect of deepening water, you know when it looks like it gets darker towards the bottom 🙂 So from cuticles to tips I used Huckleberry, Eat My Dust, Elderberry, Blueberry, Damson, Blue Grape and Blackberry. I just applied these straight onto my basecoat using a thin brush and applied the next colour while the first was still wet so I could blend them a little bit.

I hope you’re enjoying these so far and don’t forget to check out Week 1 and Week 2. 

C x

Tipped Off Nail… Art Challenge July – Week 2


So this post is definitely 5 days late… Sorry! I was moving house this weekend and then I graduated on Monday and partied meaning Tuesday was a right-off.. but it’s finally here. Days 04-10 of my Tipped Off Nail Art Challenge July. You can check out Week 1 here but make sure you read this post first 😉

Day 04 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly emoji nails

Day 04 – emoji for this one I used Barry M Matte White as a base and just simply painted on the emojis with acrylic paint and a thin paintbrush

Day 05 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly seashell nails

Day 05 – seashells I used Barry M Huckleberry and Damson for the sea gradient on my index and pinky finger and Huckleberry and Lychee for the beach gradient on my other two fingers. The rest was done using acrylic paints.

Day 06 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly stone nails

Day 06 – Stone Again I used all Barry M! Oops. I used Greenberry for the base and used the cling film technique with Matte Black, Matte White and Gold Foil for the rest. This involves just dating a bit of screwed up cling film into the chosen colour and using it to apply it to the nail. I quite liked this look! I originally wanted to used the hairspray method where you drop some nail polish into water and spray with hairspray but something wasn’t working out for me.

Day 07 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly palm tree nails

Day 07 – palm trees My gradient is made up of Full Throttle, Mango and Copacabana – all Barry M and the detail was done using Black Mutli Glitter – which contains tiny holographic glitters 🙂

Day 08 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly fruit nails

Day 08 – fruit because I had already done watermelon I was a little stuck as to what fruit to do but I went with kiwi, strawberry, orange and an apple. For the kiwi I used Barry M Kiwi, Pole Position and black and white acrylic paint, the Strawberry is Copacabana and Watermelon (which looks black in the photo but it’s actually a really dark green) and white acrylic paint, the orange was done using Mango and Full Throttle and white acrylic and finally the apple was created using Key Lime and Matte White and black acrylic.

Day 09 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly skyline nails

Day 09 – skyline I had fun doing this because I just blobbed on 3 of the Barry M Glitterati Collection in Socialite, Fashion Icon and VIP. I then just painted over the top with black acrylic paint.

Day 10 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly matte detail nailsDay 10 – matte detail The base for this design is Barry M Silver Foil and the detail ISN’T Barry M! Hurrah! It’s from Moyra and it doesn’t have a name but it’s a matte navy blue and I just used a striping brush to draw this on. I didn’t top coat this design because of the matte.

All designs are finished with Barry M Topcoat – unless stated otherwise.

I promise this weeks will be (more) on time! Check back on Friday 🙂

C x

Tipped Off Nail… Art Challenge July – Week 1

Hello 🙂

This month I’ve set myself a challenge, I’ve compiled a number of nail art challenges I’ve found on Instagram for July and come up with this…Tipped Off Nail Art Challenge July…a daily nail art challenge! This is a first for me and really is a challenge. Every Friday I will be writing a blog post to show the previous weeks nail arts until the month is over! (Yup so sorry, this one is a day late…) So… let’s get started:

Day 01 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly chevron nails

First up is of course Day, 01 – zigzag/chevron in which I decided to do both. My base is Barry M Eat My Dust from their new (ish) Speedy Quick Dry nail paints (which I have swatched here…) topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust and finally I free-hand painted on different designs to each nail with blue acrylic paint and a teeny paintbrush.

Day 02 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly ice cream  nailsDay 02 – ice cream: I used all Barry M polishes for this… (sorry it’s my go to brand!). I started with a base of Lychee and then used Olive to add the cone detailing. I then painted on a layer of Rose Hip for strawberry ice-cream using a dotting tool, and then once dry, used the same method for Coconut. For the sprinkles I used a teeny paint brush and Greenberry, Papya and Prickly Pear. I love this nail art.. I think it’s super fun.

Day 03 of #tippedoffnailartchallengejuly watermelon nails

Day 03 – Watermelon nails! I had fun doing this one! I think they might be my first watermelon nail art attempt… but don’t quote me on that! I applied one coat of NYC Pinstripe White to my pinky, middle and index finger and 2 coats of Barry M’s Kiwi to my ring finger as my bases. On top of the white I used a sponge to add Barry M’s Watermelon and Rhossili, and NYC Pinstripe White to create the water melon affect. Once this was dry I used Watermelon to add the dark green detailing and a black acrylic for the seeds!

All my nail art is currently just topped with Barry M topcoat, unless stated otherwise.

Don’t forget to come back next Friday for a whole week of summer nail art!

C x