Happy Birthday to me! ft. Princess Nail Lacquer’s Birthstone Collection

It’s my birthday! I’m 24 and feeling old… I have 3 polishes to share with you today, all from Princess Nail Lacquer. The first is Sapphire, my birthstone from Ashleigh’s Birthstone Collection (comprised of 4 colours at the moment!) and then I have 2 polishes from this year’s Valentine’s collection that I picked up from a destash. Let’s start with my birthday polish! Read More »

Princess Nail Lacquer: Summer Collection

The 2017 Summer Collection from Princess Nail Lacquer consists of 10 polishes – 5 creme and 5 holographic in coloured pairs of blue, teal, red, pink and purple. I picked up the blue and teal duos but desperately want the rest, they’re so beautiful…Read More »

Princess Nail Lacquer Metallic Duo & Blood Lust

I did a mini haul when Ashleigh released the Metallic Duo. I purchased the metallic pair of polishes (which can also be bought separately) and a beautiful creme polish that sadly isn’t available to buy anymore, called Blood Lust. I just couldn’t resist – PNL is one of my favourite indie brands and the formulas are fantastic. Read More »

Princess Nail Lacquer Cool Girl Collection & Winter Creme Trio

Princess Nail Lacquer: Winter Trio & Cool Girl Collection

Yes, I have more Princess Nail Lacquers for you today! If you haven’t read my previous posts, you can check them out here. But before you disappear, lets get on with todays post. I purchased the Winter Creme Trio and the Cool Girl Collection (also cremes) and thought I would swatch and review them in the same post because I didn’t want to wait and my December blog schedule has been/will be pretty hectic! I also picked up the base coat and topcoat. This is a pretty picture heavy post so I hope you can make to the end…Read More »

Princess Nail Lacquer Christmas Collection

Princess Nail Lacquer: Christmas Edition

I have some more Princess Nail Lacquer goodies for you today. After my last little haul I had to go back for more, especially since Ashleigh has released so many lovely new colours and collections. I’m focusing on the Christmas/Sparkly colours today, but I do have some more to share with you later this month too…

P.S. Sorry in advance for some of the slightly out of focus pictures, obviously I didn’t realise I was a bit shaky on the day of taking them! Oh well, I guess you can see the sparkles more?? Haha! Read More »