Primark PS Insta Girl Nail Lacquer

Primark PS… Insta Girl Nail Lacquers

A couple of weeks ago I popped into Primark to browse and I obviously came out with half a basket of nail polish… (not quite). Included in my little haul are 8 (I think that was all of them) PS… Insta Girl Nail Lacquers that claim to be one coaters. I can confirm that these are… NOT all one coaters, sadly, but 2 is good and they only cost £1.50. The formula for all of these is great too and they don’t smell nasty and cheap like the old Primark polishes used to. Let’s crack on with the swatches!

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Sparklea Nail Polish Moana Collection Swatches (partial)

Sparklea Nail Polish Moana Collection

If you’re a Disney fan and you haven’t watched Moana yet… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It’s probably one f my favourite (if not my favourite) out of the new animated ‘sing-song’ Disney films and I’ve definitely watched it too many times (is that a thing!?). Anyway, Lea from Sparklea Nail Polish released a Moana collection not too long ago and I recently purchased 3 out of the 5 polishes that were originally available. You can still get 3 of them (2 of the ones I’m sharing here plus another I didn’t get) on the website and they’re currently ON SALE! All polishes are handmade by Lea and are also are 5-free and cruelty-free. Most cost £6 for 10ml or £3.50 for 5ml at full price. I managed to pick up mine in the sale and I think I got them for £4 each.Read More »

Princess Nail Lacquer Up All Night Collection

If you follow me on Instagram then you might already know that I struggle to sleep at night – I’m an insomniac. So, the Up All Night Collection from Princess Nail Lacquer (sadly now out of stock) seemed very fitting! It’s made up of 4 sparkly polishes, all in dark colours, that are perfect for the upcoming months. As always, they are all 5 free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and they meet EU standards. Most importantly they’re handmade by the lovely Ashleigh at home. I’m going to be using her descriptions for the polishes because let’s be honest, they’ll be better than mine! Read More »

Happy Birthday to me! ft. Princess Nail Lacquer’s Birthstone Collection

It’s my birthday! I’m 24 and feeling old… I have 3 polishes to share with you today, all from Princess Nail Lacquer. The first is Sapphire, my birthstone from Ashleigh’s Birthstone Collection (comprised of 4 colours at the moment!) and then I have 2 polishes from this year’s Valentine’s collection that I picked up from a destash. Let’s start with my birthday polish! Read More »

New Barry M Classic Glitters

Barry M have released a bunch of new nail paints for AW17, including 4 classic glitter nail paints. These are different to what you normally see in a glitter from them and they’re great! You can buy them directly from the Barry M website or from Superdrug for £2.99. They’ll be available at Boots from the 27th. Read More »