Friction Free Shaving Review

Meet Your Shaviour: Friction Free Shaving*

Friction Free Shaving is a monthly subscription service that delivers razors and refills to your door, for just £9 a month! In the first box, you get a razor, 4 refills, and a cover to protect your blades when not in use. You also get a shower holder in your second box to keep it safe. Every delivery after that contains 4 razor refill cartridges, with the idea that you use a new one every week. At £9 over 4 weeks, this works out at just £2.25 a week per blade and what’s even greater is that you can pause for a month if needed or even get it delivered bi-monthly if you’re just not getting through the refill packs.Read More »

Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care Review: Bio-Oil Vs Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Oil

Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care Review: Bio-Oil Vs Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Oil

Not long ago I basically threw out my last skincare range from Boots, not entirely because I didn’t like it and the fact it made my eyes sting, but I found my new affordable skincare range that I love: Superdrug’s Vitamin E Skin Care. Below is the photo I shared on instagram when I purchased basically the entire range! (plus a few other bits).

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Soap Dodger Foaming Hand Scrub Review

So I actually bought this product over a month ago and I’ve been trialling it since then. It’s the Soap Dodger Foaming Hand Scrub which is a “creamy foaming scrub to exfoliate, clean and moisturise your hands“.

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