Life Update… why my blog posts are becoming few and far between.


Please take a moment to read this… I haven’t been able to keep up with my regular weekly blog posts, which I cut down to since starting uni from twice a week. But I have a reason, this is from my personal Facebook page but I thought I’d share it with you too.

On the 23rd of September this year, 3 days before my 23rd birthday and the week I began my Masters course at the University of Bristol, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma after various scans and biopsies of some very small lumps in my neck. My PET Scan results from the 10th of October told me it was Stage 2, which means it’s spread and I’ll need to have 6 cycles of chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy. Before I can start my treatment, in just over a week, I’ll be having surgery (laparoscopic unilateral oopherectomy), on the 21st of October, to remove and preserve one of my ovaries, in case I become infertile from the treatment. This is another hurdle I didn’t think I would ever have to make at my age… 

On the 13th of Oct I cut my hair in preparation for what’s to come – a small step but a hard one for me! Everything has happened so quickly, with just a month between diagnosis and treatment starting, but I am trying to stay positive and take everything in my stride. I’m surrounded by very loving and supporting friends and family, that I could not do this without. Cancer won’t stop my life. I am hopefully going to continue with my degree throughout the duration of the treatment, if I can. I don’t know exactly what’s to come, how I’ll physically feel or if I’ll feel up to doing anything at all, and I know I have a long way to go, but this is my #CancerRightNow and I’m fighting this!

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Some of you may not have noticed my posts haven’t been every week, and some of you may not notice if I eventually end up stopping my blog all together while I go through this but I wanted to share my story so you understand if I do!

Thanks for reading this!

C x

NEW Sleek Lip VIP swatches A/W ’16

Sleek Lip VIP A/W '16

Today, I finally got around to swatching the new Sleek Lip VIP lipsticks that have been released for A/W ’16. Two sets of 3 shades came out just weeks apart in September and obviously I had to have them. I received 3 of them for my birthday and then I treated myself to the others. The formula is lovely and creamy and dries to a semi-matte finish, so they don’t dry your lips out. They cost £5.50 from the Sleek website or £5.49 in Boots and Superdrug, where they are often on offer.

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September Pumpkin Spice Meebox Review


I’ll start off by saying sorry I missed last weeks blog post! Most of you probably didn’t notice but I still feel guilty… Anyway, I re-subscribed to Meebox. I didn’t stay away for long… but I think I might quit again. I have a love-hate relationship with Meebox right now. I was super excited for this month’s theme, Pumpkin Spice, with stamping products but when it arrived I couldn’t get the stamping plate to work for me! I tried various nail polishes (which I tried on other plates and worked) and 2 different stampers (which, again, worked on other plates) but nothing… It might just be me because I’ve never had much luck with stamping but because the 2 products that weren’t nail polish revolved it, I wasn’t left with much to play with. The nail polishes were also hit-and-miss though… Continue reading

Nail Polish Haul: O.P.I, P.S. and Makeup Gallery*


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Lush: Pink Flamingo and Dragon’s Egg Review

Lush Dragons Egg

I tried a combination of Lush products this time round, mostly because the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb I used didn’t really produce any bubbles and I like my bath to have lots of bubbles! So I also used the Pink Flamingo bubble bar which was super bubbly. Continue reading